Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Napa Pool Project Update- June 10 , 07

Napa Project Progression Photos June 10, 2007

The concrete has started the curing process.
Now the crew has started building the Sayer quarry stone wall at the raise terrace end of the pool

In this photo you can the the stone being set .
I set a 12” x 12” section of blue glass tile on the raised bond beam of the pool. This is where we are going to install the fountain wall.

I have started to plant some of the pots that we will place on the patio and terraces.
There will be 8 pots ( 4 each side ) lining the swimming pool , set directly on the coping.
They will be planted with Pennesetum sect. Rubra, Lysmachia, coleus, and variegated trailing strawberry.

A long shot view of the project.
Here you can see that the coping has not been set yet . The dirt area on the right hand side of the photo will be a sod lawn.
On the left side of the pool is the lounge chair area.
The guys are setting stone at the raised terrace over looking the pool.
There is one pot place on the left hand side of the pool towards the raised terrace, .. there will be 4 of these pots lining the pool on either side .

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Garden Wise Guy said...

Very nice site--I just started "skimming the surface" of your napa pool. I found you through a link at Garden Rant (just so you know where comments come from).

I'm especially taken by your choice of potted plants. I'm a huge fan of high contrast and you've used it really well. Reminds me of a big pot in front of my home with Melianthus major, Tradescantia pallida, and a charteuse foliage Heuchera. Looks good enough to sop up with a biscuit!

I'll book mark and come back for more. I'm a landscape architect blogging from Santa Barbara, CA (we're almost neighbors!)

Have a peek at my blog at Mayhaps we can exchange links?