Friday, July 6, 2007

Napa Pool Project - July 6 ' 07 update

The masonry and landscape portion of the Napa pool project has been going along at an extremely good clip.
All of the concrete flat work and stone work is complete and the planting is just about all done with the exception of the container plants.

The pool contractor , Classic Pools , is a whole other story .. a horror story in fact .
I have used just about every curse word in the book and then some to describe my feelings towards this contractor.
This guy has single handedly raised my blood pressure by dozens of points with his lame arse asinine excuses and lack of quality craftsmanship.

Every couple of years I/ we come across a sub-contractor whose work ethic and sense of dedication to the job is totally out of line with our ethical values.
This particular pool contractor is that kind of contractor, .. one who only cares about getting in and getting out as quick as possible without any accountability towards quality craftsmanship.

Below are two new photos showing the still incomplete pool with the new planting beyond and the nearly completed stone cook center.

The evergreen hedge against the house is Ligustrum , infront of it is White Iceburg Roses that are surrounded by Artemesia silver mound.
The large flowering trees are Lagerstromia Twilight. Infront of the Lagerstromeias is a boxwood hedge and a flowering boreder of Salvia superba and Chrysanthemum hosmariense

Below is the cook center. It is crafted from Sayers Quarry stone and the counter top is made of honed and sealed speckled brown granite.
The appliances are all Viking products.

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