Monday, September 17, 2007

Squaw Valley Mountain Retreat

Squaw Valley Mountain Retreat
photos taken Sept. 2007

During the summer and fall of 2006 we were happily working on a project in Squaw Valley California.
Squaw Valley is the former location for the 1950’s Winter Olympics and is located very close to Lake Tahoe.

This past weekend I went up to Squaw and visited our project.
Below are some photos :

This shot was taken at night time .
The propane fired Fire Ring kept us toasty warm while the privacy screen shielded us from the neighboring house.

A view of the outdoor terrace : Sierra granite stone sitting ring, Quartz flat stone terrace,
Sierra stone fountain hand carved by Miguel Chavez and the metal privacy screen.

Another view showing the adjacent bar and kitchen

This is the view that one has overlooking the ski runs of Squaw Valley

The adjacent outdoor bar and kitchen

A detail of the stone work in the sitting ring

A close up shot of the stone fountain.

The stone stair case leading down to the lawn area.

In the sentence above I mentioned that the stair case leads down to the "lawn" area.
Well it is a 'lawn', except that it is an artificial one .
We choose an artificial lawn for a variety of reasons, but primarily it was chosen for its lack of maintenance.


greeny said...

Oh, oh, oh! Beautiful. I would be so thrilled to have an outdoor living area even remotely close to this.
I have friends who have built a log home and wondering what they should do with the landscape and living areas. Some of this would be fantastic!
Thanks for sharing and getting my landscaping and building juices flowing.

Steve said...

Love the Squaw home. The patio is a great example of something pretty and still durable, perfect for the mountains. Nice choice of colors for your steps as well. Very cool looking place. Well done!