Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going into first summer

We designed and installed a Napa Valley pool project last year (2007).
The job was started in the spring '07 with design, design review, permit submittals , breaking ground and construction .
The project was completed in late August , when the last piece of furniture was delivered and set up.

Attached below is a slide show that documents the process.




Cottage Magpie said...

Wow. That is just gorgeous! I love love love it! One thing I'm curious about that I couldn't see in the photos very well--what's at the bottom of the glass tile fountain wall? Does the tile just end or is there some kind of border or something? Truly beautiful!
~Angela :-)

Deviant Deziner said...

Hello Angela.
The 'pool cover vault' is at the bottom of the glass tile fountain wall.
When you have an automatic pool cover a recessed box ( we call them a vault ) is required so that when the cover is retracted open, the cover will roll up and be hidden in the vault.
Push a button and the pool cover opens and closes on a tracking system that is fixed to the bottom side of the overhanging coping.
The 'motor' that operates the pool cover is also located in the vault.

Garrett Sawyer said...

WOW! You must have put a lot of work into that project! Everything looks great and has my approval, if that means I especially love the container arragements (plantings). So, in Landscape Architecture you learn how to install pools and such? Neat! This Summer I'll be taking my first Landscape Design class (for certificate program, but also degree approprieate), it'll be 'Work experience in nursery operations' for 12 hours. It doesn't seem all that fun but it's the only ag class I need that is held during Summer session. Wish me luck in school! I know exactly what I plan on doing Certificate in Landscape Design at community college, then associates in Oranamental Hort. at community college, then BA in Landscape Arch. at Cal Poly Pomona. That's my I'm starting off small so I'm able to afford school as I progress.

Deviant Deziner said...

Sounds like a well balanced plan in regards to laying out the education for your career.

I didn't take a class specifically in Swimming Pool Design and Construction.
Several of the classes I took addressed the site analysis, orientation and placement of a pool but not specifically pool design.
Pool design and installation was more or less learned on my own time while my small practice was growing.

You'll find that there will be quite a few elements of landscape design and construction that are not taught in a formal school setting but you will learn while in practice.

One of your best 'on the job' learning tools is to study the structural engineering plans that will be required on many of your more complex projects.
And of course, being on site observing or actually building the project is the all around best education that a designer can have.

I haven't designed many swimming pools. Less than a dozen .
I think I have actually be asked to fill in / and or demo a swimming pool more times than I have been asked to design one.

Some folks see swimming pools as a hassle or a liability . I think you will find this perspective in cooler climates.

here is a link to a few pool projects.

Benjamin Vogt said...

I just love coming to your site and seeing the wonderful things you put together. I remember last summer seeing this pool / patio coming along, and it's nice to see the process in a slide show. Someone had serious money, as it looks a lot like a resort...or, where I spent my honeymoon in Mexico on the Pacific coast.