Sunday, July 6, 2008

5 Favorite Plants

It was difficult to narrow my choices down to just five of my favorite plants but that was the question that Elizabeth from Garden Rant requested.

# 1 - The Washingtonia robusta ( Mexican Fan Palm ) .
I love it because its wide ribbed palm fronds lend a tropical flavor to the garden and because it is a perfect armature for growing my bromeliad,-
tillandsia and orchid collection on.

which leads me to choice # 2
- The Bromeliad Collection. -
I have been attending the San Francisco Bromeliad Society meetings for the past year. Since attending the once monthly meetings I have learned an incredible amount about this curious looking plant family and my collection has grown substantially. I love that most all of the bromeliads that are in my garden have come from other society members . It is nice to look at a plant in your garden and associate a friend with it.

# 3 The Cussonia paniculata tree ( Snowflake Cabbage tree ) This Dr. Suess looking tress is absolutely fascinating to watch grow ! Its thick corky bark trunk is topped with a glaucaus blue mop head of snowflake looking leaves that can reach 2 feet wide

# 4 The hot pink huge Bougainvillea vine -
This huge brilliant fuchsia colored vine blooms 9 months out of the years

#5 - Aeoniums -
They are my ‘roses’ of choice. With their big leafy rosettes , saucy colors and succulent foliage they add Mediterranean pizzaz to my garden.


susan harris said...

wow. you really do garden on a different plant than the rest of us. Lucky. S

chuck b. said...

I just recently acquired my first Cussonia paniculata. I went from not especially liking that plant to deciding I MUST HAVE ONE with great speed. I love it, and I stare at it every day.

So, do you mist your epiphytes? How does one maintain such a collection?

lostlandscape said...

Great list--I'd share 3 of them as some of my faves too. It's cool how your #1 and #2 work together to make their own community in your garden.

Lets Plant said...

Great pictures!

Deviant Deziner said...

Thanks to all for your feedback.
Always fun to read.

Chuck, my overhead mist system is very elaborate :
thumb over end of hose !

I have a mist system partially set up but it is not connected .
I suppose I will set it up when I go on vacation.
But judging from this economy, it will be awhile before that happens !

Scott said...

Im new to reading blogs and really enjoy reading yours. You truly have a love for the garden.