Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A break in the storm

Between the heavy down pouring of rain and the brief breaks of streaking sun I managed to click off a few photographs that caught my interest.

In Northern California the calla lily’s are in full bloom.
From Atop of Mt. Tamalpias

A Leucadendron hybrid was showing off its late winter colors.
From Atop of Mt. Tamalpias

Floating like the clouds across the stormy sky these glass balls fluttered across the water.
From Atop of Mt. Tamalpias

They reminded me of the colorful bumper cars that you see at summer time carnivals.
From Atop of Mt. Tamalpias


Garrett Sawyer said...

Love the Cala Lily's! Surprisingly they have yet to bloom in Southern California which is quite odd. I really like when they do though, it's usually the mark of Winters end. Although, certain years they've proven otherwise, nonetheless I still enjoy their blooming.

I was wondering something, We have ivy growing from our property into our neighbors property up the telephone pole and I'm beginning to suspect it's affecting our internet and phone connection. What are some ways I can kill the ivy on the pole? I love the look of it but it's costing me time by having to wait for the internet to kick in whenever it decides to. I'm sure it's affecting the phone line some how. I don't like the idea of killing any plant that looks nice especially one that is covering something as ugly as a telephone pole but it's costing time and moeny here. Do you know what I can do that doesn't involve going into my neighbors yard?

Deviant Deziner said...

Hi Garrett,
You could start by cutting the roots.
Then I would start pulling the vine off the telephone pole.
I have ficus pumila growing up a tree and have to routinely get up on a ladder and pull the clinging vine down and off of the bark of the tree.

I know that I need to cut the whole vine off at the ground but I like having it grow half way up the trunk.

good luck.

I suppose you could attack it with chemicals but that not an area that I have any expertise in any more these days.
Been an organic gardener for the last 25 years.


Skrip said...

Nice balls you have there. LOL. Since it's Garden Porn I guess I can say that. I love the last picture though, the colors are amazing.