Sunday, May 9, 2010

A New Water Feature at the Pina Colada Garden

After one failed electric kiln firing and lot of sanding, I finally refired the water feature ‘tubes’ and unloaded the kiln on Friday.

There was some disappointment with the glazing once again, but at least it was acceptable this time around.

I fired to cone 6 this time, and because the heat was so hot a lot of the reds and oranges got burnt off of the glaze.

It is always a learning experience for me whether I am working in the landscape or the art studio.

These stylised Pitcher Plants ( Sarracenia ) sculptures have been plumbed into a water feature.

From Pina Colada

One of the new Pot Heads.

BTW, did you see this months Fine Gardening Magazine special issue on containers?

One of my older pot heads in published in that issue.

From Pina Colada


Leatherdykeuk said...

*Pitcher Plant sculpture love*

danger garden said...

WOW...those are amazing. Truly. It sucks that you aren't totally thrilled with the glaze but the rest of us just see beauty!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

complete stunningness!

Randy and Jamie said...

Flawless! I think it looks just beautiful!-- Randy

Ficurinia said...

The Pitcher Plants are stunning!

Susan aka Miss R said...

Such a great addition! You're going to need a bigger space soon...

Kerry said...

Every bit as amazing as I imagined they would be. They are gorgeous Michelle. You are so talented.

I love them and I want one. Will you be makings others and perhaps opening an Etsy store anytime soon (hint, hint, hint)? :)

How tall are the pitchers?

phrago said...

Hey there, Arteestio! Weren't there more of the pitcher plant sculptures? I hope they didn't break in the kiln. I think these shapes are really tantalizing (one of my favorite words). Do you think you could reproduce them in Racu? I look at them and the thought of a racu finish just pops right into my brain. sorry if I am redesigning your design. BUT, they R Tre-Cool!!!! Also,I had a little thought: You could do a moss and buttermilk shake and paint the tops. The moss would grow on them and make them look alive, which in a way they would be... Very nice... Don't get to happy at the garden walk! Patrick

Kimberly said...

I saw your pot head in the magazine... I was super excited for you :)

Percy said...

Those pitcher plants are beautiful. Such an original and aesthetic idea. Will you be making more? I'd be interested to know how you fitted up the water supply to them. Are they functional for watering the surrounding area or just for show?

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts.
always appreciated !

The "tubes" or pitcher plants are about 30 to 32 inches tall.
No plans to have a line available on Etsy.
Maybe when I have a reliable body of work available and my own kiln.
Right now I use the College of Marins kiln and purchase kiln space at The Clay People in Richmond.

Plumbing the tubes was a little bit more challenging than most other water features because I was doing it with parts I had hanging around my studio and I did a 3 way split on one line, which can cause uneven water distribution if not done in a proper way.

Some day I'll do a demo of setting up a water feature on line. I've done one for my peers at the College of Marin and they seemed to get a lot out of it.

Stone Art said...

That water feature turned out fab