Monday, December 13, 2010

You wear that boa well.

I was recently reminded of a fantastic trip I took with The Hortisexuals a few years back to L.A.
I decided to post a few photos from that trip showing some of the different gardens, landscape architecture, sculpture and horticultural delights.

This first grouping of photos shows some of the horticultural delights that caught my eye.

This bamboo vulgaris Vittata is a favorite. I have it planted in my yard but it enjoys a much more tropical climate than I can supply. Here it is loving the LA warmth.
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Another plant that I adore but I just don’t have the warmth for it to perform to its potential perfection is the Giant Bird of Paradise , Strelitzia : Exotic !
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Always a crowd pleaser, Agave attenuatta is another succulent favorite.
Here it is at a private garden and again in the Norton Simon museum garden
It makes a rather nice boa, don’ you think ?
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Norton Simon Museum grounds
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Euphorbias do well in my northern California garden
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As do Ensete ventricosum Maurelii , red banana
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And Geramium madrense and tillandsias. The silk floss tree, Chorisia/ Ceiba, doesn’t thrive in my area.
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I love this bamboo fence and the surrounding mexican weeping bamboo , Otatea acuminata aztectorum
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We had the opportunity to visit Jay Graham’s garden in Malibu. This is his staircase down to the lower garden and stable.
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More photos of LA to come later showing sculpture , art and gardens.


danger garden said...

Beautiful Euphorbia tree! What is it do you know?

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

I believe it is Euphorbia lambii.
I saw it quite a bit in LA and have seen it here and there in Nor Cal.
San Marco's grows it, so any nursery that orders from them will be able to get it.
I think that Annies Annuals also grows it . she does mail order but from what I understand their shipping rates tend to be a little high,.. I haven't ordered so I don't know but that is what I have gleaned from on line review websites.

Kari L√łnning said...

I've always wondered what I'd do if I had access to living bamboo ... I love what they did with the contemporary fence you showed.

As for the giant bird of paradise, I found one for sale at Home Depot and bought it. OK, so I knew it would out grow the greenhouse (which it did but not immediately - 2 years). I loved promise of a non-orange flower, but then the greenhouse froze. (It's back, but half empty.)

I love the lushness, color, and graphics in your gardens and posts. I don't think I've mentioned that for at least a few months.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

We do do the bamboo, bird and agave here. But they are all mighty cold tonight. Yesterday they were hot. sigh.

Beautiful images!

Michael said...

In case I haven't already told you so: Great blog! Worthy of a suggestive name like "Garden Porn". Love strelitzia plants myself, but alas: they don't do well in this German climate. Here's hoping my 11-foot bamboo tree will do OK during its first German winter. It's already been below freezing for several days ...

Hoover Boo said...

Very beautiful photos. And a darn good-looking goat.

Charlotte said...

Fantastic photographs!

Megan said...

Just got home from our first trip down south and loved seeing you pics. Danger, I'll let you know when Euphorbia lambii is available, but not before I bring mine home.