Friday, August 8, 2008

Design Workshop - Screens and Trellises

Every month or so the blog site called Gardening Gone Wild - - features a design workshop with a specific emphasis on garden accoutrement .
This month they are exploring the subject of garden screens & trellises and their usefulness in creating privacy, blocking an unsightly view or adding height to a garden.

Below are some examples of screens from my portfolio of work :

A privacy screen crafted from metal.

A simple wooden lattice screen.

Another wooden lattice screen paired with stone work. - photo by Lee Anne White

A sculptural core ten metal screen in a sculpture gallery.

A recycled wooden shoji screen that was taken out of a house slated for demolition and repurposed into a garden as a background screen.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Contemplative Collaboration

On July 27, 2008 , The San Francisco Bromeliad Society held its annual garden tour and pot luck dinner.
This blog entry will show photos from another spectacular garden that was graciously open to the public on this day, the Ostreicher Garden located in the Oakland hills.

In collaboration with garden designer & builder Sherry Merciari, Dr. Ostricher has sculpted one of the most contemplative and soul touching gardens that I have ever had the pleasure to emerse myself in.

When arriving at the residence the simple 6 foot tall redwood fence and gate gives no hint of the beauty and spirital enclave that lies just beyond the entry gate.
Words ( at least mine ) will not do this garden justice, so I will simply post the photographs in the way in which this garden transforms and transports the viewer.

The entry path -

At the bottom of the path is a pond and bell

One can hear the soft trickling of the water cascading over the fern kissed rocks

The ‘door bell’ , a gong , resonates with a deep warm hum interrupting the calm of the garden.

There were beautiful hand sculpted Balinese stone pots along the path and in the garden.

A variegated Billbergia nutans hanging from a tree limb

Buddha in repose along a smaller secondary path

Looking back over my shoulder , this is the view leaving the front garden. - be still my beating heart.

It’s a tough job being a stone carved planter , but someone has got to do it. ( side garden)

The narrow side garden path opens up to the back yard brick terrace where stone & ceramic pots abound and hand carved benches offer the visitor a tranquil place to sit.

There are many captivating views from this perch.
Above the terrace is a enchanting hillside dotted with hand carved stone pots, exuberant plantings and a Javanese joglo ( pavilion)

the bottom of the post

a detail of the ceiling

I once tried growing this plant and had no luck.

I’ve also managed to kill this plant in my garden too. A crassula

Another beautiful hand carved bench providing a restful place to sit and breath in the beauty.

A stone water basin located next to a bench for mindful contemplation

More heartfelt art placement and horticultural treasures along the path

Thank you for enjoying this soul touching garden with me .