Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What lurks under the mysterious blue tarp ?

We finally received our winter rains and they couldn't have come at a more inconvenient time.

Our project is suppose to be wrapping up and instead it and slogging down.

Normally we just roll with the punches ( ie the weather ) but on this particular project the clients are preparing for an 'event' and we would all like for the construction to be complete and looking flawless.

So we have erected tents and tarps to work under in order to make our dead line.

When I drove up to the job site today this is what I found : The Garden Of The Great Blue Tarp

From Anatomy of a ...

And what on earth lurks underneath the Great Big Blue Tarp ?

A sculptural water feature :

From Anatomy of a ...

It will evenutally have another coat of red hot chili pepper stucco applied , a copper water spout and two thick planks of wood secured to the metal L brackets that will be painted jet black which will serve as bench .

The red stucco water wall will tie in with the red front door and the red pots that line the front of the house.
There is also a sculpture gallery just beyond the wall which will sport a 16 foot long core ten steel arc ( a la Richard Serra ) and several large colored concrete orbs.

Stayed tuned.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Well crap. If I knew it was this project I would have come here to look and got it right at Dave's. It is an entry way gate of sorts. I was being logical about what should go there.

I thought it was a different project because of the wood exterior of the house. I didn't see any hint of the glass wall. I even eyed what I could see of the walkway looking for the black granite strips.

Deviant Deziner said...

he heh,
My favorite guess so far on the Daves web site was Patricks thought that it was yet another contender for Anna Nicoles baby.

Elvis was pretty funny too !

Anonymous said...

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