Thursday, March 1, 2007

The 16 foot long core ten steel arc arrives.

We brought in the 16 foot long curved core ten steel arc today.

Within a couple of weeks it will morph into a lovely patinated red rusty skin leaving behind the bland dark gray metal that you now see in the photo below.

By tomorrow we will have the steel arc sitting down on the grade with its supporting legs securely anchored into their concrete footings.

The Buddy Rhodes cast concrete orbs will not be ready for another several weeks so in the mean time I purchased 3 resin orbs and started staining them today. They will work as temporary sculptures until the real deal arrives.

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mmw said...

So jealous! I love cor-ten.

Deviant Deziner said...

You caught me .
I am in awe of Richard Serra's core ten sculptural works and have always wanted to do a mini me .
So there you have it.
My mini me is not quite as imposing as Big Dicks Arc but it was sure a lot of fun to be able to finally work a piece of core ten into a sculptural landscape.

maybe some day I will have the opportunity to play big.

hey, a goil can dream can't she ?

Sculptural Landscape Design blends mass and form, material and process, site and context.

great words to work by.
Thanks for the link mmw.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I love corten steel, too... wish I could figure out a way to fit it into my budget and do something with it in my tiny yard.