Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Not So New Idea

All this buzz about creating an ‘out door room’ is hardly new but the talking heads are making it out like it is the new trend for 2007.

Palladio ( b.1508 - 1580 ) would be hurling plinths of Carerra marble down from his outdoor loggia screaming at the top of his Paduan lungs “ I get ta no a respecta ! “

He would be joined by other early Egyptian , Greek and Roman architects and builders who had been designing , building and living in their outdoor living rooms since the discovery of dirt.

Let’s face it, Fred Flintstone probably had one of the first fire pits on his block and Barney Rubble one upped him with his new pergola made from T- Rex bones.

In the modern era of the 1950’s Thomas Church and his buds came around and through a series of books and magazines heightened the aesthetic sensibilities of the American public by proclaiming that the garden was an extension of the house that “ supplemented the activities of the occupants”.

Golly gee, who would’da thunk ? Outdoor living in outdoor rooms ? Revolutionary !

We all come from a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds .
What may be considered over indulgence for one may be de rigueur for another.
Whose to judge ?

I am of the philosophy, that as long as it is done in good taste and built within the desires and budget of the homeowner then good for you ! You are living your life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it.

Below are a few outdoor rooms that my small design and build firm has crafted .

My own outdoor living room
This photo was taken while preparing the ‘room’ for a informal garden party.

Kids enjoying making S’mores over the firepit while the parents get the table ready for dinner.

A sunken conversation area adjacent to the dining deck.
Behind the fireplace is a grove of old growth redwood trees where we set in a hottub and seating area. This is a rather old project that stills receives a lot of use, proving that ‘outdoor rooms don’t go out of style’.

A simple bluestone and brick patio with a built in cooking area located on the side of a redwood forest hill side.

A rather grand outdoor living space built for a rather grand estate.
This room is adjacent to an olympic sized swimming pool and personal football field.
~ photography by Lee Anne White.

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