Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bloom dazes - Hot August dazes

Bloom day

Photos from The Pina Colada garden , located in Marin County CA.



Pot of succulents at front entry



Stone buddha head from Bali ,welcomes people at the front door

These pots are not located at my house but at a project that I have just wrapped up on in Napa Valley
Plants : Pennesetum rubra, Glechoma hederacea, Sedum and Lysimachia


ginger said...

I love the Iochroma and it is now on the must have list for next year! Great containers!

Layanee at Ledge and Gardens

Annie in Austin said...

The color of the lochroma is one that I like, too - it's fun to see your West Coast flowers DD. The containers you designed are stunning, making me realize that I need more plants in the sedum/succulent category!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Salix Tree said...

The Iochroma is amazing! Is it tropical? Looks like something that won't grow in a cold, wet garden like mine.

Deviant Deziner said...

I would put the Iochroma in the sub-tropical catagory.
It's from Central and South America and is in the same family as Brugmansia ( Angels Trumpet ) , the Solanaceae family.
It is a super fast grower like the Brugmansia too.
And regenerates itself from cuttings quickly.

I have two different varieties and 3 differert colors.
purple, orange and burgundy.

The Garden Consultant said...

God damn, you have the coolest plants to take photos of...and your photos kick ass! I'm jealous here on the right coast. :(

chuck b. said...

The purple Iocrhoma cyaneum is used a lot in my 'hood. A guy a couple blocks away pruned it up into a two-story tree!

I love that you're calling the Aeonium rosette a bloom. I'm going to do that too.

I passed through your town yesterday on my way to a nursery in Fulton. It was so hot.

Stuart said...

DD - I'm glad someone's showing off their foliage as much as their flowers for GBBD. All of them look like such gorgeous architectural plants.

If only the abutilons didn't get so leggy!

Carol said...

I love how you put together those containers. Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!