Monday, August 20, 2007

Renovations and Transformations

Renovations and Transformations in the Landscape

The projects depicted below show the project site before pencil was put to paper and the clients desires were expressed.

During the design process we delved deeply into the clients objectives and delivered a solution(s) that met their wish list and budgetary constraints.

Example # 1 -
This young family recently purchased a track home within a nice but densely compact development.
Their desire was to have a resort like atmosphere in their own back yard.

The back yard space was long and narrow. It was also bisected in half by a five foot tall concrete block retaining wall.

The outcome :
A swimming pool, dining area, fireplace , cook center and hot tub.

Example # 2
This lot had a tremendous amount of potential despite its extreme pie shape and poor drainage.
We handled the drainage problem by re-contouring the grades and re-engineering a new drainage system .

A shot showing the project mid way :

Above grade we installed a dry stream bed, below grade is a complex system of drain pipes.

A view of the sunning patio with water feature

A detail shot of the water feature

Example # 3
This project is located in the Squaw Valley ski resort area in the Sierra Mountains .
The homeowners wanted a year round outdoor living room.
There are hydronic heat coils embedded in the patio flooring and the seating so that the snow does not have an opportunity to accumulate during the winter months.
An outdoor kitchen and dining area was sculpted into the hillside.

The crew is setting the stone stairway.
The large stone that is in the foreground was carved into a water feature.

The water feature - This was the maiden test run ... It worked ! - we installed some smooth river rocks in the lower basin after this photo was taken.

Almost done - The copper and bronze privacy screen has not been installed yet.

With the metal privacy screens installed.

The metal sculpture in the natural gas powerd fire ring. - Metal work done by Mountain Forge in Truckee CA.

That’s all for now.
I’ll post a few more project example a little later on.



chuck b. said...

I think it's the little spouts that go into the pool that really give it the resort feeling! :)

Funny, I remember as a little boy watching an Evening Magazine segment on the Playboy Mansion and how Hugh Hefner's swimming pool had a waterfall, and a grotto under the waterfall... I think it changed my life a little bit.

Extreme pie shape--Too funny! I have to say I ordinarily hate the dry stream bed, but this one looks really nice. I think it's all the rocks of *different* sizes. So many people get that terribly wrong and just pick one size of rock.

We have a heating pad under the tile in our bathroom so it's never cold when you step on it in the morning. And I thought that was over-the-top! I guess if we played in that league we'd have a heating pad to melt the snow too.

Dorothy Guyton said...

What a marvelous outcome on all of your projects. That is a lot of creativity and talent to do those projects. I'm trying to transform my yard with my own heavy equipment- my muscles. On your down time, check out a creatively humorous novel called "Diary of a Wannabe Gardener." You will be inspired by the main character's attempt to create the perfect garden. You can view the book at

Deviant Deziner said...

Thanks for the link dorothy, I'll check it out.

Chuck, you lucky guy you, radiant heat in the bathroom.
I don't even have a plug outlet or a fart fan in my 1040's era bathroom.

Oh well, maybe I'll get radiant floors when I do the kitchen and bath remodel. ( some day )

jim b said...

Great work - some of these before and after examples are pretty dramatic. I especially love the Squaw Valley project - heated stone benches! That's a first. I might need to write about that!