Monday, December 22, 2008

Planterly Combinations

Planterly Combos - A few images to lift our winter time deciduous spirits :

The Guardsman Phormium
Canna Pretoria
Ensete mauralii
Tree Dahlia
From Pina Colada

Tiger Grass Thamnochortus or something like that .
Pygmy palm
From Pina Colada

A closer shot of the same bed
That great looking canna with burgandy foliage and delicate peach colored blooms
Heliconia scheideanna ( sp ? )
Carex sparkler
Agave attenuatta
From Pina Colada

Ensete and a Tillandsia .. with a plectranthus sneeking in
From Pina Colada

A few succulents and a Leucadendron
From Pina Colada

Phormium yellow wave
Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi
Heucheralla and Helichrysum petiolare

From California Gardening

Commonly found Home Depot style planting - drought tolerant though.
Iris and Erigeron ( flea bane )
Cistus and Lavender
Penstemon and Felicia
From California Gardening

Salvia Pt. Sal and leucantha
Phormium and Draceana
From California Gardening

Super Simple
Verbena Homestead purple
Ballota and Santolina
and Apple tree and some roses
From In praise of Stone

A heather garden , Pacific Coast style ( Gualala )
From California Gardening

Hillside Ornamental Grasses and perennials ... with a few fruit trees thrown in.
From California Gardening

A pot or two
Pennesetum sectaceum rubra
lysmachia and glenchoma and a sedum
From Pool and Garden Project - The Napa Valley

Taken on a cold foggy winter afternoon in Marin County
Kniphofia “chistmas cheer’
Salvia leucantha
Variagated sterile pampas grass. Olives, Cistus Plumbago
Drought and Deer tolerant hillside planting
From portfolioMay08.jpg

well that’s about enough for now.


Louis Raymond said...

Golly, what a blast of color and texture, especially for this gardener in New England. After the first foot of December snow, it's so clear that white, green, and mud-brown is once again the cold-climate palette until March and April. Thank you for such sophisticated (I guess I'm meaning foliage-centric) pictures from your horticultural paradise out there in, what is it?, East-Coast Zone 9? Sigh.

Tetrapanax: Still the height of exotic thrill for us northerners. It's much hardier that I'd thought: My own colony, in Rhode Island, is thriving; it rockets up from the roots each May and is ten feet tall by September.

But no blooms of course on those first-year stems. For this Winter I'm experimenting with serious Winter protection (like we do for fig trees already). So you can feel even better than you do already for gardening in such a benign California climate, here's the post on that mega-project:

Thanks for a deeply diverting site, and congratulations on your cool projects too!

Deviant Deziner said...

Thanks Louis for your painterly prose .

Yes, I garden in zone 9 and am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

I'm going to check our your blog.
Thanks for the link.

Happy Gardening,

Cynthia said...

It's cold, snowy and gray around these parts today- though the sun did finally come out. I needed these pictures to cheer me up. Thanks!