Thursday, December 25, 2008

Who is Robin William's florist ?

Every Christmas I eagerly wait to see what kind of creativity will grace the front entry gates of Robin William's home.

I’m not one of those wide eyed movie star fans ( I don’t even own a television ) , but I am a huge fan of fabulous horticultural craftsmanship.

Each Christmas season I have to drive past the William's home to reach my partners parents home and each season I look forward to viewing jaw dropping floral craftsmanship by ways of the wreath that is perfectly placed on their front entry gate .

This year the wreath was not placed on the gate but on the curved stucco wall adjacent to the gate.
It is big - I’d estimate it to be about 6 feet in diameter.
And as always , it is unique.

This year it is crafted from red twig dogwood ( Cornus species ) , Aloe cuttings and a white berry twig branches.

In the past I have seen 5 to 6 foot diameter wreaths make of proteas, banksias, twisted madrone branches and exotic dried tropical fruits , nuts and foliage.

This year is no exception. Another great example of fine floral craftsmanship.

Merry Christmas to the William's family, and thank you for this yearly eye candy treat.

From december garden

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