Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Pathetic Potager this January. boooo hooooo

My vegetable garden is pathetic

Where’s the Bright Lights Kale, the spinach, the sweet peas and lettuce ?

What a waste of good garden soil.

My Potager garden is pathetic this winter.

I have a few measly little lettuce plants, some good looking and producing arugula , some sage, oregano , chives and garlic chives but on the whole there could be a lot more growing out there.

I went to my favorite local nursery this past weekend for a few more starts but only came home with a six pack of cilantro.
They said that their shipment of winter veggie starts would be in next week.
Fortunately I caught them as they were placing their order so I signed up for some Bright Lights Kale, spinach, peas and lettuce.

I hope that we have good weather this coming weekend so that I can get the starts in the ground because the potager is looking rather sad and pathetic right now.

The Pathetic Potager as it looks right now :

A small patch of lettuce , flowering kale , pak choi and garlic chives
From January 2009 garden

The newly planted cilantro
From January 2009 garden

Mustard in the focused foreground with some mache and arugula in the out of focused background
From January 2009 garden

And and inside shot of my greenhouse which will soon be growing a bunch of veggie, herb and flower seeds towards the end of February.
At that time it will be out with the bromeliads and in with the seeds.
From January 2009 garden


Hilery said...

Oh, don't you just hate it when things don't go as planned? I have definitely had a few of those! Your greenhouse looks great.

I love the name of your blog and laughed when I saw it. The things I have had to do in the name of indoor gardening!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the lighter background and the looser spacing in the text. Thanks Michelle!

Also slightly jealous, as I sit in minus 20 degrees, about your talk of year I'm gonna try 'winter seed sowing' and see how that goes.


Deviant Deziner said...

Glad you like the lighter background.
I have to give you all the credit for giving me a nudge and a renewed perspective in reviewing the layout and black background color.

Thanks for your feedback.
Always appreciated .