Thursday, January 1, 2009

And by the way, Happy New Year !

Funny how things work.

Today, December 31 2008, I was surfing the web looking for information on Eco-fuels.
I came across a web site with a link.
That web site had a link.
I was happily linking and clicking the day away when I came to a blog called Garden Bliss.

I have read this blog before but I have to admit, I’m not a regular follower, though I should be, because this blog has a TON of great educational and entertainment content and the photography is terrific !

Any ways, back to the link of a link, to a link.
On a link , I came to a photo hosting site that had photographs of the 2008 San Francisco Garden Show . The photos taken were by Angela Pratt of the blog Garden Bliss.

This past year I installed a garden at the 2008 S.F. garden show . Unfortunately I did not get a chance to take many photographs of the show or of my own exhibit. I figured I would depend on the appointed “Show Photographer” .

The professional show photographer did a fine job but I have to admit that the photographs that Angela Pratt took were really quite wonderful and struck a distinct cord with me.

So with permission I would like to post a few photographs that Angela Pratt took of my garden at the 2008 San Francisco Garden Show

From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

These 2 following photos were taken by Gregory Price

From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

From San Francisco Garden Show 2008


Susan Harris said...

Michelle, you sure got talent - I'd be happy to call that garden my own! And I'm a fan of Angela, too. Happy New Year to both you! S

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Great garden but also interesting comparison of the photographers. Just found you by your comments on Gardening Gone Wild. Is there a brand name for the bamboo tags you mentioned?

And I love the name and description of your blog!

Deviant Deziner said...

Happy New year to you too Susan !

Ms. Wis.,
The bamboo tags that I use as plant name tags were found in Japan Town in San Francisco.
I believe that their intended use is for culinary skewers.
They are pretty wide though, at least a 1/2 inch wide and are 12 in length.
I LOVE going into Japan town as well as China Town in the City.
I find the most interesting things there !
My favorite places are Soko Hardware, Genji and the Dollar Store of Japan Town ( Kansa is the actual name I believe ) - I find coolest things in there !
Last time I was there I came home with some bamboo flower vases for $ 1 , bamboo stir fry paddles for $ 1. Super fun and CROWDED place to visit !

Angela said...

Thank you, Michelle, for appreciating... well... my eye, I suppose. We all seem to have pretty decent cameras these days.

When I go out shooting with friends, I love seeing how differently we frame things and what catches our eye.

Your garden vignette was my favorite from the show. From the moment I walked in, I felt tranquility. That's no easy feat at such a crowded show. It'll be interesting to see what the Garden Show experience feels like in its new digs.

I would love to create a place in my garden for doing yoga, but tend to work on my backyard in a hodgepodge, budget-oriented (i.e. sans designer) fashion. Any chance you have a book in the works?

And Susan, thanks for being a fan! The garden blogging world would be quite bleak without you and Garden Rant.


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