Friday, March 13, 2009

$ 9.00 per hour -in charge of water management @ golf greens

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In times of drought, don’t look to many of the golf courses across the U.S. to manage their water effectively or efficiently.

For the last several months I have been intensively attending a series of water auditing and irrigation management classes.
Here in the arid west about 85 percent of our residential water usage comes from watering the landscape.

There has been a big effort by our local water agencies in collaboration with the Californian Landscape Contractors Association to educate those in the landscape industry how to save our clients money and to save a very precious natural resource; water.

So it is extremely discouraging to see this advertisement for a golf course in Petaluma California :

Greenskeeper-Full time/ Seasonal/ must be able to work weekends/ starting pay $9.00
Waterperson-Full time/ Seasonal/ must be able to work weekends/ late afternoons preferable/starting pay $9.00
Please send resume and cover letter.

Golf course experience is a plus but not necessary

These positions are for a private country club and golf course. We have two separate positions available

At $ 9.00 per hour do you think the person applying for these jobs , Greenskeeper and Waterperson , has invested time into educating themselves how to efficiently manage the water usage at a golf course ?


gonativegal said...

We need a "Happy Gilmore" for golf course management to show those knuckleheads how it's done.

But seriously, you are right on with the water usuage - it's a real waste of one of our most precious resources. Went to school with a bunch of folks who worked at them - talk about bravado & know it all attitudes.

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Deviant Deziner said...

Hello Kevin,
If you took the time to notice, I don't have any links on my blog.

but thanks anyways.

EAL said...

I would delete Kevin, Michelle.

Golf courses are a big issue with both water and chemical usage. I believe some are trying to think and act differently, but it is discouragingly slow. They all want what they see on the TV tournaments.

Anonymous said...

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