Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BAD - very very BAD , not to mention scary

When I first saw this driveway I thought that there was something wrong with my computer monitor.
Then the person who actually intentionally did this to their driveway explained how expensive and time consuming the process was I couldn’t believe my sore aching eyes.

Could you imagine living with this ! Or across the street for this ? Or even in the same state as this !!!

Here is a PERFECT example of investing money into your landscape yet because of poor design the project actually devalues the property.

If this house was to go on the market as is, the real estate agent would have to DEDUCT value from this house.

Here in lies a good lesson. If you are color blind or have absolutely no sense of design it would behove you , and probably save you ooooodles of money if you were to consult a landscape designer before defacing and devaluing your property.

From ranch house

From ranch house


Carolyn G said...


Patrick Gracewood said...

The only solution is to fake David Hockney's signature on each blue tile and quickly put it up for free on Craig's List. "Bring your own pry bar.

Donna said...

oh, maybe they can paint it to look like faux slate crazy paving? Less is more with such an expansive space.

Benjamin Vogt said...

At least it matches the trim. Gotta give them credit for that, right? There are two house less than a mile from me that are ALL blue, and that bright color of blue. They should plant all blue plants, too.

Rama Nayeri said...

What in the world!

Deviant Deziner said...

heinous isn't it ! ? !

I couldn't believe that the homeowner thought that she was positively bringing up her property value by "matching the color of the driveway to the trim color on her house".

Not a good match... nope. not at all.

Donna said...

You would have thought that the paving company would have gently persuaded her out of such a colour scheme. It reflects poorly on them too.

Terri said...

I know - the picture is awful, but her comments on the website made it even more unbelievable; going on about how much it cost and about how tacky it is to have painted garage doors...
Then the pictures she put up as other examples of matching your driveway to the house-it is incredible how oblivious she was to ...well not to be harsh...but taste.
It is so hard not to be harsh...the whole thing was so over the top.

gonativegal said...

I saw these pictures on another website. The poor woman actually thought she was helping the thread along. I feel bad for saying this but my first reaction's a swimming pool. But now the deed is done wouldn't it be kinda cool to paint some goldfish onto it?

Deviant Deziner said...

Gold fish !!!

It would compliment perfectly !

Bill Kisich said...

I love the little blue reflectors. It’s those little details that make such a difference.

Ok, so being the solutions oriented design type that I am, I’m thinking install cool deck all around it, add two or three palms, some pool furniture and umbrellas… Ta-da! Poyfict!

Thank you so much for the laugh today, DD.

Christopher C. NC said...

Heh, heh. This is in Florida I hope. That is closer to Puerto Rico where this would just be fabulous. It would work in the Phillipines too, I think.

Other than the color scheme this faux stone addition to driveways was all the rage on Maui right before I left.

Deviant Deziner said...

hello Christopher,
yes, this is located in Florida.

The cast concrete faux driveway and patio surfacing has been used here in California too but most people use it with some sort of restraint in regards to coloring it.

I've even had to use this product to match an existing patio surrounded by a pool.
Fortunately the color did not scream attention to itself and the surface was basically a nice blend in to the rest of the landscape.

I think you may have nailed it though in regards to a cultural thing.
The bright blue color could be a component of one's cultural influence/ background.

Guess I am showing my boring gray drab irish roots.

Gayle said...

Regardless of how you feel about the design, it's illegal for you to repost someone else's photograph without their permission. Doing so makes you look unprofessional, and if the homeowner stumbled across this entr and publicized the incident, it also could be severely detrimental to the quality of discussion on the forums you took the photograph from.

Calif_Sue said...
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Lori said...

So, I'm guessing their vehicles are white and turquoise as well?

Anonymous said...

So maybe she is not trying to sell the home and does not look at everything that she does to it as an improvement or investment for the eventual sale?
I make my home the way way I want it because I live here. When I die I won't care if the house sells or not. Not my problem. I want to enjoy my house my way with my personality.
Personally I find it cheerful, artistic, and a bit whimsical in a bold and daring way. If the world were all drab and boring I would kill myself.
And I bet that cottage gardens and shrubs that are not cubed are also offensive to you and the folks commenting- I find those offensive.

Hey, if that lady paid for it and loves it, it is her house and she can tap dance on it every day if she wants. Her house looks neat and tidy, there are no junked cars in the yard and God Bless her for being bold and trying something a little different.
I am very glad that I do not live in a neighborhood with such judgmental people as you. I would rather live across the street from that lady. She shows some moxie.
And I bet she wears (gasp!) bright colored clothing, too!

thistleandthorn said...

Here is a perfect example of how plants can be used to creatively cure all ills. I see this driveway dressed with palms, big leafy tropicals, gingers, whatever goes with that tropical blue water theme. I'd worry about vehicles parking on that surface dripping oil, though.