Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A visit to Bardessono resort in Napa Valley CA

There has been so much hub bub about the new Bardessono resort up in Napa Valley that I thought it was time to check it out.

We drove up the valley in fashion, zipping around in a 1957 MG that my partner has had since he was in high school . It’s one of those life long hobby projects.
From Napa Valley Day Trip

That’s the ‘57 parked in front of Darioush Winery, which I will tell you more about later.
A definite destinatioin place to visit if you appreciate interesting architecture.

There was complimentary valet parking at Bardessono but we know all too well that that would be a problem. Starting the engine on a 57 MG is not like any other modern car.
Suffice to say we parked right across the street and walked in.

At the front entry driveway there are a couple of really nice free standing rammed earth walls flanked by several newly planted ancient Olive trees ( a common landscaping endeavour in my area ) along with their entrance sign.
From Napa Valley Day Trip

From Napa Valley Day Trip

From Napa Valley Day Trip

On either side of the entry lobby is a floor to ceiling niche with epiphytes clipped to little stainless steel clips.
From Napa Valley Day Trip

From Napa Valley Day Trip

Just beyond the loggia is the central outdoor courtyard. It is designed around lovely shallow angular pool with several interesting monumental stone sculptures.
Dining guests can choose to dine outdoors adjacent to this zen inspired water scape.
From Napa Valley Day Trip

It was a rather warm day so we chose to dine inside. There was only one other couple in the dining room for Sunday brunch so it wasn’t a stretch to request a window seat.

Continuing on with our outdoor tour we explored the various paths and alcoves within the complex.
We found several nice interior courtyards within the complex.
Many, if not all, had enticing water gardens, sculptures and lovely viewing vistas.
From Napa Valley Day Trip

From Napa Valley Day Trip

From Napa Valley Day Trip

From Napa Valley Day Trip

From Napa Valley Day Trip

From Napa Valley Day Trip

From Napa Valley Day Trip

I was particularly smitten with this architectural view : a narrow pathway adjacent to a building clad with core ten and under planted with equisetum .
There were already signs that the equisetum was looking for a place to escape to.
This should provide the groundskeepers with job security.
From Napa Valley Day Trip



Oh no, you have to be kidding, but the photo proves you aren't -- i used to have a '57 MG just like that, but mine was blue. My older brother used to love to borrow it for dates, but the problem was I was the only one who could get it started. So cool to see that one still running. All those capitaled columns at the entry are such a major statement.

Very attractive resort, has that special northern California feel once inside. Kind of heavy feeling here and there, but nice overall. Love your shot of the Equisetum. How was the food? the tillandsia wall is exquisite.

Delphine said...

I think the tillandsia wall is made by Flora Grubb, no ? All your pictures are awesome. Thank you very much !

Susan aka Miss R said...

Thank you for your description and great photos from a designer's point of view. Interesting that a place that's gotten so much hype wasn't crowded for brunch on a summer Sunday.

Could you explain the context for the three white sculptures and the Darth Vader water feature? --Susan

Jamie and Randy said...

Oh my... what a beautiful place. That's one of the things I love about your blog. I get to see so many gorgeous designs.--Randy

Jon said...

Cool shots of a cool and lovely place. How sweet to be in a 57 MG to do the tour!

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Howdy all ,
Thanks for leaving a comment.

Kimberly, you were a very nice person to lend your MG to your older brother.
I never borrow my partners MG. I'm too nervous that something might happen to it and I would be horrified to have to tell him.

Delphine , good eye ! Yes, that is the tillandsia wall that Flora Grubb and her partner installed that has been featured in the NY Times and many other publications. It's nice to know that a piece of landscape architecture has gained notoriety in such a short time. That is usually reserved for architecture. Chalk one up for landscape architecture.

Susan, I too was utterly surprised at the lack of dining patrons. At 1 pm on a Sunday there were 3 diners outside and 2 inside.
The food was good . I had a simple tomato salad ( no greens ) just a half dozen slices of tasty heirloom variety tomatoes and a dollop of fresh mozarella $11.oo and my partner had the cutest little hamburger ( looked like a puffy dinner roll sliced in half) fries and homemade gerkin pickles for $15.00.
He joked that he felt like the guy in the Carls Jr. TV commercial and that he was now ready for a real hamburger.
There is a plethora of exquisite restaurants within walking distance of the resort and those were doing a huge brunch business.

The three white sculptures, in my opinion were placed rather haphazardly. There was little context in their placement.
They were sited under an overhang overlooking the vegetable garden.

Darth Vadar was nicely placed at the end of a viewing corridor off of the dining wing.

Jamie and Randy, That was nice of you to say so, thanks!.

Jon, I agree, the 57 MG was a very sweet ride !

danger garden said...

I just love all of these fabulous places you take us too, and I feel like you show me exactly what I would be taking pictures of if I were there! Thank you!

chuck b. said...

Totally groovy.

Foodie said...

How was the food?

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

The food was good.
Not "oh my gawd, this is the best thing I have ever tasted in my whole entire life' good, but it was good, fresh, nicely presented yet a tad bit on the skimpy side.

My tomato salad came without any greens. I thought I might get a token green just as a nice counter point to the orange / red tomatoes.
The dollop of fresh cheese was nice.

The petite hamburger looked like it should have been served to a hobbit.
It was ordered medium rare and if it was mine to eat ( my friend ordered it ) I would have sent it back for a minute or two more .
It was a little too rare.

The homemade gerkin pickles were wonderful.

BTW. my friend had the runs that evening.

blogfreed said...

I put your blog as a list in my blog directory. I hope you're not objection. thanks