Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ceramic Studio work

Last Saturday was a productive day in the ceramic studio.

I was able to set up the air brush sprayer to apply underglazes to another pot head.

These two photo below show the pot head with the underglazes applied:

From Ceramic Studio

From Ceramic Studio

I also had an opportunity to re-glaze the water feature flutes that I am working on.

The first underglaze firing did not work out for reasons I am still trying to undercover.

The result was flakey unvitrified glaze , so I think the kiln did not reach full temperature.

So I had to sand (uhg ! ) for a couple of hours to remove the old glaze and reapply a new glaze.

This photo shows the flutes getting ready to be airbrushed.

From Ceramic Studio

this photo shows the flutes airbrushed with under glazes

From Ceramic Studio

And finally this photo below shows the flutes and the pot head covered with the Over Glaze, which will render a shiny hard clear coat of glass over the sculptures.

From Ceramic Studio

Into the kiln they go.

I’m crossing my fingers.

Here are some of my older pot heads :

From Ceramic Studio

From Ceramic Studio

From Container Plantings

From Pina Colada

I don’t care for this glaze recipe, it was suppose to be mat black but turned out too shiny

From Pina Colada

With a body

From Container Plantings


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Just LOVE your potheads and pottery. Beautiful!

danger garden said...

I needed to really stare at that first image for awhile. It's got so much personality. Did you use a photograph or pattern it after someone in particular?

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Thanks Linda and Loree,
No photo was used.
I'm not that good at copying in three dimensional.
I just wing it.
All the pot heads sort of look the same. I'm still exploring the making/ manipulation of clay in a head form.

phrago said...

Very Nice Michelle! Still think a little pottery sale once a year would be profitable...
Can't wait to see these pieces after they're fired... How many of the Cobra Lillies survived the firing? They look great! Patrick