Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get your Fibonacci on.

We’re getting our Fibonacci on in Marin this week.

Our ‘golden spiral’ is manifesting itself as a logarithmic spiral set in colored textured concrete and stacked black mexican pebbles.

It is apart of a hardscape redesign for a motor court and front entry.

From random photos

From random photos

From random photos

More photos will ‘whirl in’ as the project progresses.

For more info on The Golden Spiral check out wikipedia

and more info on my friend Leonard of Pisa, or filius Bonacci ... or .... whatever... he seems to have plenty of names.


danger garden said...

Nice! A request from the homeowner or a design all of your making?

Kara said...

Fibonacci is most appropriate in a garden. Excellent choice!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

so...did you use a formula...or just wing it?

I have wanted to do the mexican rocks on their side for they all fit nicely, or is it tough, and you end up not using tons?

Inquiring minds...

Christine said...

The texture of the pebbles is just so pretty.

Mary C said...

oh I really really like that spiral! Is that for you?

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

The client requested a new design to replace a damaged entryway and motor court

It was laid out on paper ( as usual) and I used the Fibonacci formula .

There is a certain amount of culling the pebbles when laying them out. Some are too fat to use.
Maybe about 15 - 20 %, depending on the supplier .

The final effect is really quite stunning.

happy gardening to all.

Susan aka Miss R said...

Fibonacci make math sound romantic. Love the stones--no frost heave to worry about. Also like that the stone have to each be laid one by makes the spiral slow down.

susan morrison said...

Michelle, this is beyond cool! I have always wanted to do something based on the Fibonacci nautilus shell but have yet to have the opportunity. Will be interested to see pictures when it's complete.

You seem to have an affinity for applying classic design principles. Have you done anything based on tatami mat spacing?

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Funny you should ask. Yes, I have done a patio surface design directly laid out in a tatami mat pattern.
It was for a wonderful young couple in S.F. who was attracted to my design work from the 2008 Garden Show.
We had a wonderful time working together on the design and installation which featured a contemporary Asian fusion garden with some cool rock placement , a koi pond and a modern styled bbq made of core ten steel, black honed granite and teak wood.
We used Davis color "Palamino" for the concrete tatami mat pattern. A nice warm straw color.

Philopat said...

I put recently a very interesting video on fibonacci spiral on my blog... with great success

Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

The Golden Spiral is everywhere! I've Facebooked/Tweeted this, so keep the WIP's coming. Nancie

Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

That golden spiral is everywhere these days! I've FB'd/Tweeted this post, so please keep those WIP's coming. Your work -- not to mention attitude -- is inspiring! Nancie Mosaic Art NOW

Stone Art said...

that's really nice, what a great idea.

phrago said...

This looks to be a very nice little court yard. What will the center be... Patrick