Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Afternoon shots of the pool, deck and garden project -Marin Hillside

These photos were taken in the afternoon. Earlier on the same day I took some morning shoots that are in the blog post prior to this one.

Marin hillside pool, garden and deck project

From Smith Project

The drain grate
From Smith Project

The diving rocks
From Smith Project

The view of the bay and the city beyond ( a bit of a foggy day )
From Smith Project

From Smith Project

The afternoon breeze picking up . Balls dance across the water.
From Smith Project


danger garden said...

Lovely! Thank you for including a couple of detail shots too.

Christine said...

Think I like these better than the morning shots. Either way, congrats on a beautiful project!

David Bockman said...

Just lovely, I really like the way you addressed the radii of the pool's corners with your deck. Looks windy!

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Some of the details are pretty cool, such as the bronze drain inlet and the detail in the railings and decking pattern, - thanks for noticing Loree.

Christine, I'm not sure which images I prefer. some from the morning, others from the afternoon.
decisions, decisions.

David, The lead carpenter who worked on this Ipe wood deck crafted it like he was a boat builder. Such attention to detail in all his cuts and layouts.
And it can definitely be a windy site !!! We've seen heavy teak furniture glide across the deck in high winds.
The furniture will be brought in for the winter winds.

BlushandBees said...

wow. the deck is incredible.

Plants Pages said...

Your pool and the view from there is fantastic!It sure is a place to sit back and relax!