Saturday, October 2, 2010

Art in the Garden with the SF. APLD

Last week I was graciously invited as a guest to join the San Francisco branch of the APLD ( Association of Professional Landscape Designers ) in a field trip that celebrated Art in the Garden.
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Our first stop of the day was at the San Francisco Dump. - yes you read correctly, The Dump.
The dump has a unique program that offers an Artist in Residence program.
The artist has free reign to salvage incoming and sorted materials to make art with.
The dump provides studio space , gallery space and an outdoor sculpture garden park to create and exhibit their work.

Indoor gallery
From Flora Nursery

Work in the studio
From Flora Nursery

From Flora Nursery

From Flora Nursery

From Flora Nursery

After viewing the facilities, galleries and sculpture park we visited the private art studio and garden of Matt Gil.
He works in a variety of mediums, but metal seems to be his choice at the moment.
From Flora Nursery

From Flora Nursery

A prototype under creation- hammered metal floating in water
From Flora Nursery

Metal and mosaic tile sculpture
From Flora Nursery

We ended our day at Flora Grubb Nursery in the city where employee Jim Kumiega showed us his ever growing/ evolving automobile and plant sculpture. Jim has a theater set design background and is responsilble for many of the uniquely wonderful sculptural vignettes seen around the nursery.
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From Flora Nursery


phrago said...

All the photos are Awesome! I would personally like to own the Bottle sculpture. It looks like a 'Trifari' Pin of a Thistle flower that I recently acquired. Beautful...

Christine said...

I'm with phrago- the brick and the bottle sculptures are absolutely captivating. The dump's program draws some amazing talent- always interesting to see what happens when you pair artists with unrestricted access to all sorts of surprising materials!

susan morrison said...

Sounds like it was a great day. The APLD East Bay district has a members only tour this Friday to see 10 gardens designed by members. I'm starting a bunch of new projects in a few weeks and hoping to get some inspiration.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

I was a fan of the bottle and tear drop brick sculpture too.
I thought that I would like to apply to the program but after experiencing the dust first hand I realized it was not a practical choice due to my one remaining ( and compromised ) lung.

Susan, Hope you have an inspirational trip with your local APLD district.
I am so impressed with the S.F. and NorthBay districts.
This assc. does a lot of good for the industry.