Friday, April 20, 2007

The Pina Colada Garden

Blue glazed pots found at Home Cheapo and planted with a variety of plants ( also found at Home Cheapo ) including Cyperus papyrus, coleus, and succulents

The entry path into the front yard

The side yard garden gallery

Far end of the garden gallery before rounding the corner to the back yard

A small water element along the back bath

A cluster of terra cotta pots and succulents at the corner of the greenhouse.
A bamboo chair hangs out by the simple metal fire pit
Plants are Canna , Thysanolaena, Tetrapanax Rice paper plant, Pygmy date palms, Bulbinella, Otatea acuminata aztecorum (mexican weeping bamboo)

A detail of on of the succulent beds

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chuck b. said...

It's lovely! And I'm into tropical. Very nice.