Friday, June 29, 2007

Napa Pool Project - June 29 ' 07 update

Napa Project update June 29, 2007

Well it has been a long time since I have had a chance to add anything to this blog.
It is not because I have not wanted to but because I have been pretty busy with trying to keep my small business in check and then my left lung decided to check out .

On April 27 I suffered a 30 % collapse of my left lung.
I went into the emergency room and they did minor surgery and I was out of the hospital within 24 hours , though I did have a tube sticking out of my side that was connected to a catheter.

Then the lung collapsed 3 more times within the past two months and it was decided that if I wanted to live that I needed a more aggressive surgery .
During the research phase I had a CT scan that showed that my lungs were covered with little things called blebs and that I have emphysema. - me , emphysema, and I have never smoked a cigarette except during those experimental times in every kids life in the 9th grade bathroom .,, fortunately I discovered that I got a raging migraine headache from smoke and that puffing on a cancer stick was not for me.

On June 19. 07 I was checked into the emergency room with a major lung collapse.
It was deemed that I required some knarly ass surgery.
I was in the hospital for 7 days. Half of that time was spent in the ICU.
Oh what joy !

While I have been ‘out of it’, I have had wonderful support and help from a friend and colleague who has been working diligently on procuring the plants for the Napa Pool Project.
Today my ‘assistant’ , Dana ( I am giddy with delight over this ! ) and I took a drive over to look at the project.

The stone bbq is almost complete. The honed granite counter top is suppose to arrive tomorrow and Miguel will set it in place and then set in the Viking bbq , the access door and the warming drawer.

Below you can see the coping stones being set and the water tile band laid out and ready to be mortared into the gunite pool

Below a photo of the pool equipment shed.
Unfortunately the installation crew did not read the plans and they installed the window and door in the wrong locations. ,, mistakes happen.
They will be coming out early next week to tear out the front wall and make things right


Gina said...

Holy crap! Sounds like you've really had a sucky month. I hope you make a full recovery soon. I read your blog a couple of weeks ago and had been checking for updates every few days. I am wow'd by your pot heads. Where did you find them? I'm in the Chicago area and I've never seen any.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Gina,
I ocassionally take a ceramics class at our local community college and make the pots heads in their studio.

Yeah , it has been a crappy month health wise but I am hoping that I am on the path to recovery now.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Layanee said...

DD: I have been looking for the pool I know what you have been doing. So sorry! I hope that your recovery will be complete soon! As a student of LA but not practicing, I look forward to your posts and designs! Great gates also! Feel better soon, you have been missed!Layanee from Ledge and Gardens aka Ginger