Monday, December 24, 2007

Sanitas per aquas

Sanitas per aquas
Healing by waters
San Francisco Garden Show 2008

If you are dreaming about your next stress reducing vacation then you might consider creating a spa sanctuary in your own back yard.

Total relaxation, rejuvenation and a sense of balanced calm can easily be achieved in your every day life by simply taking the time to go to a place within your mind and cultivating inner peace .

A simple secluded quiet niche in ones own garden can make for a wonderfully peaceful natural refuge for our tired and battered souls to go to for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Add in the warm healing waters of a clarifying spa infused with mineral rich herbs and nirvana is yours.

In creating ‘A Zen Spa Garden’ for the upcoming 2008 San Francisco Garden Show the team of Derviss + Chavez Design + Build have chosen to craft an ethno-modern spa sanctuary designed to inspirit the heart, imbue the senses and inspire the eye of the beholder.

A sense of total seclusion will be created by cloistering the spa room in a living green hedge of bamboo and lush savory succulents.
A generously proportioned hand crafted stone soaking tub from Concrete Works Studio of Oakland is overseen by stone carvings from Bali along with a comfortable chaise lounge from Indonesia.
Essential oils, herbal tea, a spot of lawn to practice some yoga and a cool refreshing outdoor shower area adds to the this soothing peaceful personal sanctuary.

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