Thursday, March 20, 2008


My deepest gratitude to those who braved the crowds and came out to the show to support us and to those who cheered us along on the sidelines.

The show is over and I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in it.

All my trust went into the show photographer to capture some good images, for the low light, high ceilings and deep yellow tungsten lighting was a difficult environment to capture a decent photograph in.

It was only when the lights went on before and after show time that I was able to get a decent photograph with my camera.
Unfortunately I was exhausted by the end of each evening to set up my tri-pod and click off photos.
So I will wait until the show photographer contacts us to look at his proofs in order to post a well composed and correct exposure photo.

In the mean time , here is one that I took on the last day of construction set-up before they lit the hall for 'show time drama lighting'.

I'll post more about the show and some of the great new people I met soon.
But tonight is the S.F. Bromeliad monthly meeting and I must get on the road.



Anonymous said...

I´ve just found your blog and I really, really like it! So many great gardens and som much inspiration, thank you!
I´m a gardener from Sweden, we don´t have the same climate, (I don´t lika snow!) but it is so nice look at your pictures.

Best regards
Caroline from Sweden

Gail Dixon said...

Found your blog doing a photography search. Stunning pics, I must say.

Anonymous said...

COME BACK MICHELE! I miss your posts! Surely you must be over your post garden show exhaustion! I need more porn!