Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pierre Joseph Redoute Liliacees

In 1814 and 1816 Pierre Joseph Redoute prepared the water color drawings known as the Les Liliaceee’s .
The Empress Josephine paid 84,000 francs for the watercolors.
In a second account , it is said the amount was 25,000 francs.

Whatever the cost was, the watercolor paintings are breathtaking.

In 1985 the auction house of Sotheby’s printed the paintings in a folio and offered it for sale to prospective bidders .
I was given one of the Sotheby’s folios - ( the printed book , not a copy of the originals )

I have used the book to study Redoute’s breathtaking watercolor style .

I bring this subject up because there is going to be an exhibit of some botanical art work that will include Redoute at Eureka Books in Northern California - See for details.

Below are just three images from the book. One of the images is a centerfold
Unfortunately my scanner is not working so these are photographs taken of the individual pages.

Plate number 370 - Amaryllis de Josephine

Plate number 131 - Fritllaria imperiale

another plate


kompoStella said...

exquisite. especially the center piece.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago NYBG had a Redoute show in their gallery. It was incredibly beautiful. I'm not often moved by botanical painting, but the Redoutes have soul. They leave you almost as breathless as Empress Josephine's roses...