Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Variations of Variegated Foliage

Garden Rant asks the question ; ‘Is variegated foliage going out of “style” ?
Not here in California.

Variegation adds zing to the color pallette.
Imagine if foliage was basic green all the time.
Blah. boring.

A variegated Aenonium
From Pina Colada

No color enhancement here.
The deeply striped red spikey plant is Phormium Guardsman.
The variegate canna is Pretoria
and the Banana is Ensete maureli
From Pina Colada

A favorite bromeliad or two
From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

From June 15 Bloom Day - 2008

From June 15 Bloom Day - 2008

A variegated Brugmansia
From Pina Colada

How about a variegated Bamboo - Sinobambusa tootsik varigata
From Bamboo in Marin


Sande said...

wonderfully beautiful pics,
Thanks, Sande

Susan aka Miss. R said...

Glad to see your post. Was getting worried...I am in complete agreement w/you re: variegated foliage. Foliage is what makes a garden sing--flowers are guest soloists.

Linda Lunda said...

Ohhh YES!!!! I´m with you al the way!
Variegated plants are outstanding the best in the garden!
I WILL be back on YOUR site!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, kinda. problem is that too many variegated cvs look diseased (eg, that stinky chinese gc (name is eluding me right now).
otoh, good varieg. cvs of spiderplant (yeah, weedy), hostas, gasteria, etc can look great.
also green foliage can look fine. eg. persimmon, macadamia, i. foetidissima, p lusitanica, rumohra, aristea xe, Convolvulus cneorum(not really green, but one color plus fx), toxicodendron d(late summmer color, ok not green... and qualifies for the "when life hands you lemons" modifier),,,

lostlandscape said...

Great images with great uses of the variegated foliage! For plants with simple leaf forms, some patterning can be pretty jazzy. For me it's almost sad when some of the plants bloom because some of the flower colors can clash terribly with the foliage--with one of the common bougainvilleas being a case in point.