Monday, April 6, 2009

First Spring.

A new spring garden in Marin blooms.

Last August we installed a new garden in Marin County.
Today I stopped by to check in on it to see how it pulled through the winter and how it was shaping up for the spring show.

We lost a few plants , but over all it weathered its first winter relatively well.

The photo below shows the side garden entry gate.
From Alexander Valley

Once inside the gate you are immediately in the ‘working guts’ of the garden.
A small area enclosed by the entry gate and an open lattice fence houses the tool storage area, the trash can area, and the orphan pot area.
From Alexander Valley

Just outside of this ‘work area’ is another ‘working garden’, .. . the vegetable garden.
We installed several raised boxes for vegetables, a small dwarf citrus fruit tree area , some berry bushes and a small herb and cutting garden.

Beyond the second fence ( in the far background ) is the entry to the back yard garden.
From Alexander Valley

The flowering plum tree was blooming as well as the roses on the Monet arbor.
The Clematis were budded up and ready to bloom.


Anonymous said...

The custom woodwork is, as usual, beautiful Michelle. I love the curvy swath of pink flowers at the front of the bed - they really draw my eye to what's beyond while providing continuity for the whole thing.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Hey Michelle! I remember your beautiful space from GW. I was looking up Garden Conservancy and your name/blog came up...

I see you did a tour. I was asked if I would be interested for next year...(in FL).

Loving and learning from your blog.Adding you to my blog list.

Lovely spring garden!!

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Chris and Linda.
Glad you popped in for a visit.
Hope that your gardens are giving you as much happiness as mine is giving me .
I love this time of year ! Everything is so fresh, fragrant and inspirational.

good gardening.