Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mini Living Wall

Mini Living Wall
For those who have been itching to have one of those 'living walls' in their garden, I offer up this quick and easy mini living wall.
It's actually just a wire basket planted with a staghorn fern and some succulents but it is living and growing against a wall.

Wire Basket - probably less than 5 bucks a nursery or home improvement store.
A small bag of moss - $ 3.50
Some succulent cuttings ( smooze a friend for cuttings ) and a one gallon size fern.

You could probably put the whole thing together for less than 20 bucks.

I've had this one growing for about 2 years.
The succulents need to be replaced about every 1.5 years , but the fern is always happy and just grows larger and heavier each year.

From Pina Colada


vuejardin said...

Very nice arrangement, if taking good care, looks like it will last 'til Christmas.

Kim said...

That's so pretty, great idea!

Callum said...

I'm envisoning a new project... an entire wall covered in these baskets and left to grow wild! Alternatively, full of tumbling tomatoes!

danger garden said...

And I thought I only had 3 projects for the long weekend! Make that 4...

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi there all !
Danger Garden, only 4 projects ! thank goodness it's a long weekend .

Callum, now that is what I call a grand vision. Cool.

Kim, thanks for stopping in and commenting.

Vuejardin, in my mild climate the basket will last
for years. It's the succulents that get 'tired out' within a year or two and have to be replanted.

Good gardening to all !

Rob said...

It's very effective, and works really well in your seating area. I wish I had a seating area like that! Hope you've decided on a solution to your lighting problem..

Donna said...

Lovely. Love all the textures and wildness of succulent arrangement.

fransorin said...

Breathtaking work! Also, congratulations on being the winner of the GGW Picture This Photo Contest. Please send me your mailing address to:
I'll send it onto Yellow Springs Farm. Your photo was stunning! Best-Fran