Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Late Show Gardens in Sonoma CA - Sneak Peek.

It was a pretty exciting day today at Cornerstone Festival of Gardens in Sonoma CA.
Most all of the garden designers were on site building their exhibition gardens for the upcoming Late Show Gardens which will open to the public next Thursday night and will be open for public viewing Sept. 18 - 20th 2009

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From the looks of the pre-construction set up, it appears like this is going to be one very original and thought provoking show.

How about a little peek to pique your curiosity ?

From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

A permanent meadow installation by John Greenlee
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

A sculpted stone sphere by Edwin Hamilton is beautifully placed at the end of a long walkway that overlooks the hills of Sonoma and adjacent Napa Valley.
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

Some very nice stone work being worked on.
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

It is going to be very interesting to see how this garden develops.
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

I heard that there was going to be an ice sculpture installed.
I wonder if this is the place where it will be ???
I can’t wait to see what this design will turn out to be. Intriguing.
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

Hard to tell from this pre-construction photo but there is a very deep cut into the grade.
What will lie behind that black square ?
Come to the show and find out !
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

Honeycomb shaped plinths. Wonder what the buzzz will be about ?????
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

And some very nice looking plants too.
How will they be placed ? Something to look forward to.
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

A fun arbor . Willow s and tomatoes planted in metal garbage cans lead from one garden area to another.
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

Out in the main courtyard , in front of Artefacts Salvage was a nice layout of plants and accoutrements.
Way in the background next to the wine tasting room was a Jazz band playing some great music.
I could have used a few glasses of wine today while lending a helping hand to one of my friends who is installing a garden.
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

In the courtyard you will be able to see some of Edwin Hamilton’s newest stone sculpture work
From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

From New Album 9/12/09 6:38 PM

There is LOTS more to see.
I only had a brief moment or two to wander around the grounds .
So if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area next weekend, Sept.18 - 20th, I wholeheartedly suggest that you visit The Late Show Gardens for a visually exciting afternoon.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh I WISH I would be all the rock and succulents! Dreamy!

How It Grows said...

I'm glad to see the new installations going in. When I was there last year, the exhibits were very run down and it looked like it was about to close down.

Susan aka Miss R said...

Will Cornerstone be open the end of February? I'm coming out your way and would love love love to see it. Cool to see the befores. Thanks for posting and commenting as always.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hey there Susan,
Cornerstone is open all year round , so it should be open when you stop by in Feb.

I was at the gardens again today lending a hand and it was amazing the progress that everybody is making.

My observations reveal that it is more of a sculpture and eco-art statement show more so than a garden show ,
as a matter fact, there is very modest amount of planting . .. well at least so far at this point.

Will keep you updated as the show progresses and as it opens.

danger garden said...

Looking forward to lots of pictures and documentation of the show from you, for those of us that can't be there...thank you!

debinca said...

Thanks for the pics, sure wish I could be there. debinca

Delphine said...

oh la la !!!!

i run to the airport !!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Looks like great fun. You have taken us here before yes? I recognize the wild tree in the first photo. It looks like it is a new color though.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Christopher,
yes, I've blogged several times in the past about Cornerstone Festival of Gardens.
It is located about 12 miles from my house so I go there often.
I like to wander the permanent gardens , visit my friend who has a shop in the complex at 'Translations' ( an Indonesian import store) and sometimes grab a bite to eat at the cafe.

The blue tree has faded in color over the years. But it's still there, catching people's attention.

I'm heading off to the exhibition gardens this afternoon to lend a hand to one of the exhibitors.
Hopefully I'll have a chance to snap off some more photos for those who can't make the show.