Friday, January 15, 2010

Bromeliads, Succulents, and Herbs.... oh my !

This incredibly cheerful , textural and diverse deck top planter box belongs to the treasurer of the Bromeliad Society of San Francisco, Harold Charns and his gracious wife Rose.

Last year The Charns opened their home and garden to the members of the Bromeliad and Cactus & Succulent Clubs as part of the annual S.F. Bromeliad Garden Tour.

Never have I seen such a fantastic textural tapestry of diverse plants in one large planter box.

Bromeliads commingle with succulents and herbs, orchids and perennials.

From Bromeliad Society Tour 2008

From Bromeliad Society Tour 2008

A simply beautiful succulent pot

From Bromeliad Society Tour 2008

A small water garden also residing on the deck

From Bromeliad Society Tour 2008

Don’t you love the coloration ?

From Bromeliad Society Tour 2008

For more information about landscaping with Bromeliads check out the website of the Bromeliad Society of San Francisco and if you are in the area please feel welcome to come to our monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month.


Day: 3rd Thursday of the Month

Time: 7:00 pm setup, 7:30pm call to order

Location: S. F. County Fair Building, Recreation Room

9th Avenue and Lincoln Way (entrance to Golden Gate Park), San Francisco


Phrago said...

Hey, If I am ever in your area on the third Thursday of the month, I will definitly stop by for that meeting. I think The Ukalalea Club is the third Tuesday fof the month in Santa Cruz (my old digs) so I will definitly hav to work at coming ion the third week of the month. NIce Pics! You are so lucky to live in such a horticulturally rich area... Envy, Envy, Envy

Phrago said...

Oh, I for got to mention that there is a vender on Ebay selling different varieties of Iochromas, and a couple of tasty looking 'Flowering Maples', one with flowers that are snow white. Pretty! Just thought I'd mention it as you said you weren't sure if the one Iochroma) you had would make it through the cold spell last month... Patrick

Pam/Digging said...

Absolutely stunning, Michelle. That succulent container with the aloe in the center is superb. And your images offer some great perspectives too.

danger garden said...

Oh so jealous am I. Beautiful! I think you are the one that recommended the book Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden? I've ordered and hope to receive it soon...can't wait!

Wendy said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. I'm not too sure how to care for succulents. I'm starting out small - some sedum and hen and chicks here and there. Love these colors and combos.

Susan aka Miss R said...

Incredibly beautiful. Architectural foliage in even the smallest of spaces with nary a bloom in sight. These combos give some idea of the direction a much larger space could take with attention paid to texture and scale...

Phrago said...

Hey, The Bromeliad society of San Fransisco's Website is very nice with lots of Pics, definitly worth a stroll if you have the time. I particularly liked the different classifacation pics, very helpful. I never knew they were hardy in the Bay area. I would think they would freak in the cold weather. The Garden pictures on their website were really nice, but I liked your Bromeliad tour pics better. Your photo collection of the event was awesome! Patrick

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I am really beginning to LOVE bromeliads and succulents too. I have added more and more this past year. And with our two week freeze (yard is now a SAD state of affair) they all happily survived.

deviant deziner said...

Hello Linda,
In my region we are leaving the blackened succulents and bromeliads alone until warmer weather unless there is a lot of fungus growing on the plants.

There is a chance that there is still active viable growth in the center of the plant and that will regenerate.
There may also be viable growth in the crow of the root stock.

But if you see mold and other types of fungus , chances are that means a sure end unless there is enough healthy foliage left and a fungicide could be applied or simply let it dry out .

Felicity Waters said...

i had succulents in my wedding bouquet - they are such wonderful plants - especially when combined with softer leaves such as artmesia