Sunday, July 25, 2010

Part 1 of the East Bay Tour

On a very sunny July 24, 2010 the Garden Conservancy held its East Bay Open Garden day.

On display were 5 wonderful gardens that inspired garden goers to new heights.

The garden of Sherry Merciari in Oakland is a perennial favorite of seasoned horticulturists who are in the know about this big bold exotic and at times, erotic garden.
Sherry has been creating horticultural works of art in the Bay area for over 25 years and is highly respected by her peers and loved by her clients.
Together with her son Fred, their design and build company Merciari Designs , has hand crafted some of the most emotionally personal gardens in the East Bay area.

Using recycled broken concrete, a retaining wall supports a bevy of beauties along the front driveway entrance.
From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

The inner courtyard
From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

Strong sunlight ignites a patch of Oxalis vulcanicola
From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

The old lawn by the pool has been removed and in its place is an inviting lounge area complete with Fred Fintstone lounge boulders and a new Carex pansa groundcover
From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

At the far end of the pool a Jacaranda tree is in bloom along with a grove of ceramic pole sculptures by Marcia Donahue.
From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

A Bromeliad ( Alcanthera I believe ) in a pot with a bronze Oxalis. More of Marcia Donahue’s sculptures in the ( over exposed ) background
From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

Fun attention to details throughout the garden
From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

The second garden that thrilled us was right around the corner. It was designed and handcrafted by Alonza Hill.
His company Stone N Gardens has a nice website with beautiful photographs that does his garden justice
Please visit it for some sumptuous inspiration :
From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

Meandering along the arroyo seco
From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour

My apologies for the overly exposed photography. It was an incredibly sunny day at high noon when I toured this slice of paradise.
I must return at a proper time of day to photograph.

From 2010 East Bay Garden Tour


Desert Dweller said...

Thanks, I needed that, as I wrap up a deadline. Very inspiring and thought-out. I especially like the simple ground plane of sedges, against the playful sculptures & the pool hardscape.

And glad the sun decided to come out for you and stay for a while!

danger garden said...

Sun in the bay area can't ever be a bad thing right? Your pictures are great and do convey the magic of the gardens.

Megan said...

Gorgeous and so sunny... the fog can make me a little crazy this time of year.

Sazji said...

Garden porn indeed! I was in the East Bay a few weeks ago; every time I go I feel like I'm on a "porn" set, and find myself wondering how I could ever afford to live and garden there. Even if I question whether I'd be happy long-term in a place where temps fell to 60 or lower on July 4! Great article. I just did a post on some of the Passifloras I saw there in which I tried to identify them; if anyone is good at identifying them feel free to stop by and correct me!

Phrago said...

The wealth of beautiful gardens in the bay area is staggering. Thanks again for showing these gardens off...