Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marin hillside solar pergola, deck and pool

Engineering plans done - check
Submit for Building permits - check
Pool remodel done - check
Intensive Concrete footings done - check.
Ipe deck and copper rails installed - check
Midway inspections - done
Landscaping done - check
Furnishings ordered - check
Pergola installation done - check.

Solar panels installation - next week
Swimming pool Pebble Sheen install - Monday and Tuesday next week
Fill Pool on Wednesday and Thursday.

Final sign off on permit and inspection - next week
Furnishings placed out - next week

First dip in warm pool with liberal rounds of margaritas - within 10 days.

Whooooo Hoooooo !

From Smith Project

From Smith Project

From Smith Project

From Smith Project

And check out that view !
After the solar panels are installed the post tops will be cut down to size.
From Smith Project


Annie said...

That is an incredible project. What a beautiful way to design solar panel installation. I love it!


Christine said...

Wow and wow! I love that part of the project- when there's just a teeny-tiny bit left to go and you can already see how incredible it's going to be all completed. Congrats- that's one massive project!

danger garden said...

Enjoy that 'rita! Looks like you've earned it.

Phrago said...

That's quite an engineering feat to hang a pool and a huge Spa tube off a deck sticking out over that cliff. Looks like you're almost done...

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hello all,
It took most of the summer to get this project built but it's going to be done in a matter of days now.
That's a good feeling !
thanks for dropping in and leaving your thoughts.

Hoover Boo said...

And the solar panels will also provide shade or act as a roof? Would love to see a photo of them installed.

Awesome view, for sure.