Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marin Hot-tubber

Marin Hot Tubber

George Bush the Senior once snidely commented ( and mispronouced ) that us Marin residents are ‘hot tubbers’. ( It’s pronounced Ma- rin George. )

Well wouldn’t you be too if you had great year round weather, fantastic views of the San Francisco Bay or had the chance to sit under the ancient canopy of some towering redwoods while soaking in heavenly hot water ?

Here’s an abbreviated example of some tub designs we’ve designed and installed.

Sunken into a teak deck surrounded by handcrafted local stone and lush gardens.
Looking east to the S.F. Bay
From Fizzy water boxes

Cloistered under a canopy of old redwoods
From Fizzy water boxes

With adjacent stone lounging terrace
From Fizzy water boxes

Located over a steep redwood ravine, this old style redwood tub is enchanting on a rainy night. ( excuse the knitted line in the panorama of the photograph )
From Fizzy water boxes

Another Marin tub strattling a steep down hill slope. This deck at its highest point is 17 feet above native grade. Looks so easy.... That’s the magic of a good structural engineer. Thanks Welliver Engineers !
From Fizzy water boxes

Set in a densely populated development this backyard design was able to squeeze in a hot tub, pool, outdoor kitchen and fireplace
From Fizzy water boxes

Inspired by my trip to Bali. This is my dream tub. It was designed for the S.F. Garden Show in 2008.
From Fizzy water boxes


Steve Asbell said...

The deck in the second pic is my favorite! Its just so clean and dramatic, with such nice lines... I would be hot tubbin too!

Phrago said...

Nice Pics. If I had to choose one, I think you could stop at photo one. That spot looks as if time could just stand still. Peering off into the distance from a lofty perch, how divine...

Lisa P said...

Where are the people in these lovely settings? I so wish for visible activity in the photos of recreation based contexts....

ScottHokunson said...

Very cool projects Michelle! It seems I never leave your blog without be inspired. Thanks!

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Good point Lisa P ?
I tend to photograph very early in the morning. Right about the time when my clients are hustling to get the kids up , fed, dressed and off to school so that usually the reason why you don't see the family in the photos.

Rainforest, thanks for offering your thoughts and choice, .. you too Patrick.

Scott, always nice to hear from you. Hope the upcoming slow construction season finds you warm and cozy in your office doing lots of great design work for 2011.

compost in my shoe said...

I just want the hot tub invites!