Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The garden show (marketing) comes back around.

A couple of years ago we did an exhibition garden in San Francisco.
The design installed was a simple spa and meditation garden surrounded by a raised planter of bamboo.
From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

Today I’ll be meeting with a client who is in business negotiations to construct a new
spa , tea garden and retail boutique.
From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

This project sounds incredibly exciting to me and came to our office via the show
garden that we designed and installed a few years ago.

If all goes well this will be the second project that is not specifically residential that will be installed in 2011.
We are looking forward to the design installation of a new large outdoor dining area for an exciting new restaurant and entertainment venue in Marin next year.

My humble garden design roots got its start up on the Mendocino coast where I worked for small resorts and bed and breakfast inns perched on the edge of the powerful pacific ocean, installing, designing and maintaining gardens.
I’m looking forward to this type of design again that is open to the public that is meant to evoke resonant emotional responses and inspire people to spend quality time in these spaces.
Below, St. Orres Inn in Gualala, Mendocino county. photo taken in the early mid 80's.
From Untitled Album


Steve Asbell said...

I loved the exhibition photos and am so excited about your new opportunity! Can't wait to see what you create...

danger garden said...

Great news! So are you of the '2011 is gonna be a better year' crowd?

Phrago said...

It will be nice to have your beautiful work accessable to the public. Good luck in the upcoming year! Patrick

Tanya Boracay said...

Oh great, beautiful garden.

Just like to share with you a funny quotes...

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying." - Woody Allen

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Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

thanks for your thoughts and the quotes !
Loree, yes, I just have to believe that 2011 is going to be better. It just has to be.

My partner who is an architect is having a pretty good winter season, and when architecture pick up it is followed by landscape architecture !

compost in my shoe said...

Cool looking display garden. Isn't it wonderful when all that effort pays off down the road.

Delphine said...

i wish you an excellent 2011 year, my dear Michelle. I'm sure it will be a great millesime for you.

Cyndy Smith said...

I live in Chicago but my husband and spent our anniversary in Mendocino and stayed at the Stanford Inn by the Sea. It was spectacular and had beautiful gardens. I like to think you worked on them:)

Design Resource said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad to see that work out for you. I loved the exhibit when you did it and now lots more people will get to love your work!