Monday, October 12, 2009

A Jack Russell Terrorist

I’ve been foster caring for a Jack Russell terrorist for the past month.
As with all Jack Russell dogs, they have big charming and alarming personalities.

Mocha :
From Alida Blair Landscape Design

She is quite a curious little cutie who has some interesting tastes.

For instance she does not like Country Home or Traditional Home magazines and tore them up on my Le Corbusier chaise lounge one day when left home by herself. She obviously has modern tastes because she didn’t tear up Met Home or Dwell.

She has a fascination with two antique Chinese paint brushes that sit on a side table in my living room.
Sitting along with the antique paint brushes is a stainless steel lamp with a metal ball pull chain.
The metal ball makes a ding ding ding noise when it swings back and hits the metal body of the lamp.
This has proved to be an “AH HA” epiphany moment for both me and the dog.

The side table with metal lamp and the alluring paint brushes:
From Alida Blair Landscape Design

Whenever the dog tries to pick up one of the paint brushes the lamp makes a ding ding ding noise and I am able to stop the dog from picking up the brushes, as well as shoo her off the furniture.

This epiphany has given me the idea of putting little bells on other tasteful tempting items that little Mocha wants to chew, such as my slippers and an area in the garden that she likes to dig in.

So I’m off to the craft store to purchase some bells in hopes of training the dog and myself during her stay at my bed and biscuit inn.


Christine said...

Sounds like you guys are getting along swimmingly! Hope the bells work out, she's awfully cute!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh she's so adorable but all the Jack Russells I've met are crazy barkers!

danger garden said...

You have great taste! I have the same lamp, and want to have the same chaise. Good luck with the little Terrorist!

danger garden said...

p.s. just read your comment about Cistus on my blog. If you make it up to Portland you damn well better tell me that you are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan aka Miss R said...

Oh if Harry could meet Mocha. I share my space with a JRT rescued five years ago. He is both the balm and bane of my existence. His exuberance for life each and every day and his willingness to go anywhere, do anything at any time is worth the quirks that come with him--including all terrorist tendancies! Bravo for the foster Michelle.

phrago said...

Hey, I have two young female Border Collies in my house hold, Sadie and Niki. When they first came to live with us they were just one year old. They're from the same litter. Sadie was very atracted to antique books, which of course were every where in the common rooms of the house. After she ate the cover off my 1910 Bulb book (and three other old garden books), with the original owners signature inside the front cover, we decided to put books away. It's the binding glue that they are atracted to, which is probably what she found interesting about the two magazines and not on Dwell, which I think is stapled together. One way I found to satisfy Sadie's need for paper without getting into important objects, was to give her my discarded mail envelopes. She makes a mess, but doesn't destroy my things. Are you going to keep her? Where is Mr. Peabody...

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi there folks on this wonderful first rain of the season.
I am becoming quite attached to the little Mocha monster . She is adorable but alas, she is not mine.
She is the pet of a very close friend whose family members have developed allergies to her so I am taking care of her until they figure out the best thing to do.
I'd be thrilled to be able to keep her or even share her part time.
If shared she would have her city house in San Francisco and her suburban house in Marin.

My other Jack Russell , Mr. Peabody passed away last December. He was feisty to the end and was a great companion for many many years.

Thanks for your stories about your own dogs. They really are part of our families.


Southern Aspirations said...

Too funny. And good for you for fosteting!! We've got a foster terror of our own right now.. plus our other canine companions. Ours prefer to "devour" books rather than magazines. I simply explain they have a hunger for knowledge. and pick up the poor books. :(

house things said...

She's a cutie. Nice of you to foster her. Jack Russells can be a handful!