Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stone + Water in a small space.

When space is limited in the garden yet the desire for a watery element is present a small vessel of sorts can fulfil the longing.

This carved granite stone , stylized in the form of a New England grindstone, quietly trickles in a small back yard in Belvedere CA.
It is surrounded by salvia leucantha and miscanthus.

From Water fountains in the landscape

From Water fountains in the landscape

The granite stone was purchased from Stone Forest.


Delphine said...

I love it !! i don't know exactly what it mean but "Freaky cool" !!! :-)

Carolyn Parker said...

Stunning!! Thanks

Susan aka Miss R said...

I wish I had the opportunity to do two things you mention...order something from Stone Forest (I've come close a few times) and use water more often in gardens.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Good morning all,
Thanks for visiting and leaving your thoughts.

Always honored to have you visit. Your blog so inspires me and I am always appreciative of the amount of energy that you put into it for us devoted readers.

I love the design and craftsmanship from Stone Forest. I agree their work is stunning.

I had pined for years to use a piece from Stone Forest. Someday your opportunity will come too.
By the way, I really enjoyed your last blog entry, In praise of craftsmanship.
A great read.

best to all,