Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Modernist house and garden, Marin County CA

In Marin County, a community located across the golden gate bridge from San Francisco, there are several housing tracks designed and built by Joseph Eichler who was quite prolific during a 20 year span between 1950 and 1970. He designed houses with a distinctive modernist flair, which I adore.

This past Sunday I noticed that an Eichler was open to the public for viewing during its real estate open house and decided to see how the house and garden was remodeled.

For more information about this particular Eichler, there is a dedicated website - asking price , $ 1,399,00.00 .

Front entry
From New Album 9/26/09 8:37 PM

From New Album 9/26/09 8:37 PM

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Interior courtyard detail of fountain
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And at night time. Photographer unknown, but probably from Met Home because this house was featured in the Sept. 2009 issue
From New Album 9/26/09 8:37 PM

And two additional photos I just found of the courtyard taken by Met Home magazine
From New Album 9/26/09 8:37 PM

From New Album 9/26/09 8:37 PM

I LOVE the Mark Chatterley sculpture pictured here, it is called The Swimmer .

Back yard looking towards the house
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Across the back yard
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View of the back yard from the house
The dark brown solid wall at the fence line were painted Wonderboard panels and seemed to be falling apart.
They look pretty good from a distance but once you get a few feet from them it is evident that they will have a very short life span.
Looks good for that Kodak moment though.
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Off of one of the side yard bedrooms is a small sitting area complete with two Schultz chairs
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danger garden said...

Having just returned from 2 FABULOUS weeks in California I am trying to convince the husband we need to move. Thank you for house hunting for us, this will do nicely. You have great taste!

phrago said...

OOOHHH lALA! Nice House! But they could have used you to do the landscape! They redid this house 2 years ago and they left the landscape like that? For shame...
But what great hardscape to work with. I hope you left your card!

how it grows said...

Thanks for the tour!

Christine said...

Wasn't Eichler brilliant? Interesting how non-interactive the landscape is, though. Everything off of the patio looks like it's more for "viewing" than "living," which seems to go against Eichler principles. Although, it is striking.

rebecca Sweet said...

Your timing is impeccable! Just this morning, while driving my daughter to school, we drove by an old, unkept, icky Eichler and she exclaimed how much she hated them. I tried to convince her how totally cool they can be when they're maintained and landscaped in a manner cohesive with their design style...but she was already too busy texting. I just showed her your slideshow and she now agrees that they can be 'totally awesome' (her words)...thanks!

Rosey Pollen said...

I am drooling over this home. Usually I can't stand modern, but this has converted me. Love all the white rocks, chairs, etc. Very refreshing! Thanks

ryan said...

We broke ground on the backyard of an Eichler last week. It's a pretty interesting scene, and I didn't know much more than the name before we started getting clients who lived in the houses. The owners of our current install pretty much moved out here specifically to live in an Eichler after they retired.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hello Gardeners.
Hope all is well with you and your gardens.

Danger, so glad you had a fantastic time in the sunshine state. Would love to have you live here in the 'hood.

I agree , oh la la.
There are some things that I would have done differently if this was my garden but overall I like the layout and design, especially the entry courtyard.

How it grows, you're welcome !

Rebecca, glad your daughter can see some redeeming qualities in an Eichler.

Rosey, I almost always love modern. I know that it takes some getting used to for others, but once you see the beauty in its simple line, you are usually hooked.

Ryan, Is your new project in Marin ?
I just finished a design for an Eichler and the owner was scouting out multiple bids.
I have backed away a bit from the project and am now letting the owner find her own contractor.
I provided her with a couple different licensed bidding contractors and she wasn't quite satisfied, so she is on her own now.
I heard through the grape vine that she has gone though a half dozen contractors so far.
oy ! .. hope she did not end up as one of your clients.

Mike said...

There is so much hardscape it seems the plants were an afterthought. Nice clean lines though!
I would love to design a garden for a house like that up here near Seattle.

ryan said...

Not us. We're working in lovely Castro Valley. We hardly ever do installs on stuff we don't design.
Everyone seems to shop around these days.

Karen said...

Hm, pretty pricey for what was probably originally a verrrrry modest house. Having lived in an actual Eichler (of the more run-down variety) in Palo Alto, I can say that they are not for everyone. I was the last roommate in on a shared deal, and got the room with NO windows. Oh, there was a skylight, but then it leaked and got covered by a tarp for the rest of the winter. No sunlight for you! Flat roofs don't channel rain very well, it seems. I'm glad you got to peek, that's always so fun. Do you think the title of the sculpture is a Cheever reference and therefore a dig at the rich folks who live in such digs?