Friday, December 4, 2009

Brugmansias still a bloom'in

A few more photos of the Pina Colada garden before the really cold night time winter weather curdles the subtropical flowers and foliage.

Most of the brugmansias were in bloom with the exception of Pink Frost, during the visitors visit.
The B. Charles Grimaldi was heavy with scent and bloom
From Pina Colada

And the whites were also a crowd pleaser
From Pina Colada

I had a carton of a half dozen brightly colored round paper lanterns hanging around and hung them from the branches of an Acasia cognata tree. They remind me of Christmas decorations with a subtropical vibe.
From Pina Colada

I had the buffet table set up yesterday too.
I didn’t get a good shot of it then, but here’s an older pix from this summer.
From Pina Colada

Happy Holiday Seasons to All.


danger garden said...

It's really here isn't it? Winter I mean. Ugh. January used to be the ugly month and December was all about the holidays and celebrating. Sorry just feeling a little scorn for our coming "Arctic Blast"...

phrago said...

Love the Brugs! I have never been able to get them to Winter over well. But maybe I'll try again next year. They are such exotic Weeds and they get HUGE which is a trait in a plant I have always liked in the garden... I googled Acasia because I couldn't remember what they were exactly. The history of Acasia nomenclature is pretty interesting... And as

phrago said...

Hmmm. What happened there, "And as" what? oh well, Happy Holidaze, Patrick