Sunday, December 13, 2009

Digging Deeper

The act of design is many things.

On a purely pedestrian level it is about addressing and solving tangible problems.

But from an artistic point of perspective it is more than problem solving, it is about creative expressionism and the ability to inspire.

In its most basic mundane expression a retaining wall is designed to hold back or retain grade.

With an element of creative expression it can transport the imagination of those who view it.

From portfolioMay08.jpg

The above photo shows a 14 foot tall retaining wall designed for a wine merchant living in the suburbs .

The faux doors imply that a wine cellar lies behind the doors, thus transporting the dreams of the client.

Another retaining wall design addresses the need for creating flat usable space while crafting a unique way for children and adults to use their yard space.

From Kids Play Space

From Kids Play Space

From Kids Play Space

A motor court or driveway can be a dull uninspired stretch of concrete that does nothing to enhance the sense of entry to your house.

In the photo below this entry motor court was designed to keep vehicles from parking directly adjacent to the house by using texture and pattern to delineate the space.

From portfolioMay08.jpg

A drainage v-ditch does not have to be a trench lined with uniformed sized rocks. It can express itself as a natural dry stream bed.

This drainage swale prevents this property from flooding, which it previously did before the design intervention.

From portfolioMay08.jpg

A heavy duty umbrella stand for a beach side public park doesn’t have to be a staid metal pole rising from from the ground.

Instead it can reflect the genus loci of the site by playfully engaging those who take shelter under it.

From Interplay Project

From Interplay Project

The green sea kelp washes across the armature as a band of colorful mosaic glass floats between the kelp. Sea urchins, shells and a nautilaus ride the waves of the armature .

From Interplay Project

The above sculpture was designed and crafted at Interplay Design Studio.


Susan aka Miss R said...

Did Susanne's post wondering about her creative output inspire this post? If so, bravo!

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Susan,
Yes, I was inspired by Susanne's post on Posterus :
It seemed to me to be a subject that could use some 'deeper digging' .

danger garden said...

Great pictures, I especially love the auto court design.

I have a question for do professionals handle the specifying of marginally hardy plants? For example Agave attenuata in your neck of the woods or Flax up here in the PNW. Do you talk about the client about how much protection they are willing to do and that informs your choices? I see so much (or should I say saw) Flax in professionally done landscapes up here and it's not looking so good. Just curious....