Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anatomy of a landscape project

I'm just like a deprived middle aged woman in a good porn shop in regards to finding out about YouTube.

So here is another little slide show depicting a project that we are currenting in the throws of working on.

We still have about 2 to 3 weeks worth of work on the project so the YouTube movie will have a part two sequel showing the completed project.

Here it is :
Kind of modern in design.
Super duper great clients.
Some fun element and of course, fabulous fine craftsmanship .



Christopher C. NC said...

I left a comment at the Tube too. It hasn't shown up yet even though it said it was saved.

Practice, practice. It keeps getting better. If the Tube would only increase its image quality things would be much better.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Thanks for the comment Christopher,
I posted a few installation photos today to follow-up the YouTube movie with.

The project in switching into high gear.
The clients have an 'event' towards the beginning of next month and we want the project to be completed and shine for them.

We are having a coreten steel arc fabricated for the back yard. It is inspired by the work of Richard Serra and is 16 feet long by 3 feet tall and have a curving radius of 12 R.
In front of it I am placing 3 concrete orbs by Buddy Rhodes . The orbs by Rhodes won't be finished in time for the 'event' so I am using some inexpensive temporary orbs made of fiber resin and coated with a concrete like matrix.

We also have some other custom made sheet metal and copper containers coming and the dramatic night time lighting still has to be installed.

Miguels will start applying the red stucco to the water wall this week, after the rain storm passes.

work work work.