Saturday, March 3, 2007

mucho trabajo

Another day, another dollar and the project progresses towards completion.

The chilly gray rainy skies have finally blow over giving way to a much needed warm sunny work day.

The Big Blue Tarp was removed and another coat of red hot chilli pepper stucco was applied to the water wall.
The copper fountain spout and black ebony wood bench was installed today along with the 16 foot long core ten steel arc that sits in the interior sculpture gallery.

From anatomy of a ...

From anatomy of a ...

From anatomy of a ...

We hope to have everything wrapped up by Monday or Tuesday... just in time for the clients big event.

whew !


Christopher C. NC said...

It is very Playful and Contemplative.

Is it going to be a sand surface that can be raked if the mood strikes?

The garbage cans shot puts in more perspective. It seems like a huge space otherwise.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

The surface that the orbs sits on is a small chipped pacific gold gravel that can be raked into patterns if desired ( it holds a shaped form well ) or it can be broomed smooth.

the clients have young children so I imagine it will be given all kinds of shaped forms inbetween the grooming of the gravel.

It is a pretty large space yet it is the smallest garden room in the total overal landscape which consists of about 2 acres.

There will be another surface treatment element within the expanse of the gravel, and that is a narrow redwood board walk that bites into the existing deck and extends out into the gravel area in front of the core ten arc.
It will sort of look like a diving board and serves as a viewing platform within the field of gravel.
It also breaks up the space in a interesting form.

I am anxious to get some night time lighting shots of this garden as well seeing it when it has a bit more foliage under its belt.