Monday, March 19, 2007

To a New Beginning

For our part, as a Landscape Design and Build firm, we have come to an end on this phase of the project and the property owners , along with their new garden will embark on a new beginning.

From concept to construction , another project comes to fruition.

Front Motor court entry

Water feature

Red pots

Entry into courtyard

Core ten steel arc and spheres

Bodacious Balls


Christopher C. NC said...


From the very first time I saw your work at the GardenWeb it has caused a sense of regret that I have lived and worked in such isolation for so long from the larger world of landscape design and horticulture. It is partly due to my location, but my personality was just as strong of a component in that isolation. It isn’t so much that I think “I could’ve been a contender”, but I just never gave myself the chance to grow and continue learning as much as I could have.

I know you worked long and hard to get to the point were you are able to install landscapes as an art form. A comment you made to me a while back still echoes in my ear, something like, “Pick an area of interest or a talent and focus on that thing.” I can see that is what you have done.

Right now I think I am exploring. Once I am resettled I hope I will be able to have more focus. I am convinced that I need a break from landscape design and installation for other people for at least a few years. I am also convinced that I need to participate more with my professional peers. Getting to cyber know you has been a great and inspirational beginning in that.

You will get plenty of praise and wows on this project from others, you don’t need more of the same from me. I don’t have to live in professional regret any longer. I can start to grow again. Even if I never return to landscape design professionally, your art will influence my desire that my new home and garden will be a true work of art. Granted it will not have the same budget as some of your clients, but good design and good art don’t always have to cost a fortune.

Anonymous said...

Living in professional isolation is something many of us do, without realising. I have just been directed to this blog today, a year after you wrote it, and am belatedly loving reading, seeing and sharing some of the design experience.

We all 'need to get out more', share experiences and talk to each other. Cyber talk is better than no talk at all!