Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Napa Pool Project - July 11 ' 07 update

Napa Pool Project July 11 update

Some real action is now happening on the pool after about 3 weeks of no work on the part of the pool contractor.

We had a in-depth discussion last week in which I handed him a day by day job task schedule that was insisted upon that he adhere to.

Looks like it is working.
When I did my site inspection today the pool equipment was installed inside the pool shed and the tile contractor was skimming a levelling coat for the glass tile / water fountain wall.

Below is a close up of the water spout that is located in the raised bond beam at the end of the pool. Threre will be three water fountain spouts make of bronze set in a glass tile mosaic.

The landscape crew has finished up on the irrigation and was working on setting the stainless steel access door on the cook station.

I found an urn for the circular planter at a local garden center in Marin .
I’m not totally in love with it but after spending quite a few hours looking for just the right piece all over the Bay Area this is the best proportioned planter for the space until I can spend some more time locating the most absolute perfect piece.
It will be planted with a Cycad , bacopa, lamium and soft pink impatients.

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