Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pool Project July 21 - 07

Project Update - July 21, 2007

Mister Grumpy the tile subcontractor that Classic Pool Company uses for their tile work finally made his appearance this morning and finished setting the tile.
I am not happy.
I took great pains in laying out the pattern with the correct dimensions so that no tiles had to be cut if properly laid out.
Mister Grumpy or should I say , ‘Mister I don’t give a Shit about Quality’, did not take any time to properly read the plans or pre -space the tiles.
The result - cut tiles.

I am in discussion with the client as to what action she wants to take.
If it were me, ( and this is what I am suggesting ) I say hold payment , rip out the tile,
hire someone who does quality installation and redo the whole dang thang.

Note to self and reading public - Classic Pools is not so Classic in Quality .

Classic Pools has also NOT made their dead line .
They were suppose to be done with this project on July 20.
They ARE NOT .
The pool cover is not installed which means the coping stones that cover the pool vault have not been set in place.
Instead of working on this , the owner went boating on the lake with his buddies.
Note to Public - If you want it done on time - DON’T HIRE CLASSIC POOLS.


A few photos :

The crew setting the pots ontop of the irrigation nozzles. These pots are cast concrete and weight about 120 pounds each, without the soil and plants.

Concrete planters located on the upper terrace. -
Main plants - Cotinus, Alocasia, Carex , Sedum , Lysmachia, Oxalis , and others.

This photo shows the lounge chair planting bed -
Background hedge is Privet, infront of it are White Iceburg Roses and an underplanting of Artemesia silver mound. Then a boxwood hedge, Salvia superba and an edging of Chrysanthemum hormansis (sp ? ) .

The view looking towards the house from the upper terrace.

The view looking towards the upper terrace from the house.

Tonight I am going to go to the site and check out the low voltage lighting and do adjustments.

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Do you watch Hell's Kitchen on tv? You could be the Chef Ramsey of design.