Monday, November 12, 2007

Paradise found, if only for a week.


It has been one hell of a year !

Normally when I take a holiday , it is more of an ‘ exploratory adventure’ to some far off exotic distant land but after having major lung reduction surgery a few months ago my surgeon highly recommended that I not venture too far off the ‘first world medical path’.
So instead of travelling back to Indonesia this winter I visited the island of Kauai with my friend Liam .
We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Resort for 6 days and loved every relaxing and rejuvenating minute.

Here are a few photos taken at the Grand Hyatt Resort and the Tropical Botanical Garden.

This is the salt water lagoon with its sandy breach entrance.

The salt water lagoon merges with the ocean beyond.

A view of the grand lobby and its waterfall cascading down towards the beach.
The rock alcove in the foreground is a ceremonial place to lay your leis when you leave the resort.

Another view of the waterfall , with a gray crane shooting me his moon.

An early morning sunrise walk down to one of the lower chlorinated pool/ lagoons.

One of my favorite swim spots

Lots of wooden bridges traverse over the swimming lagoons.

A favorite evening swimming spot.

The extemely fun water slide.

Another favorite morning and evening walking path.
The thatched hut in the photo is the TidePools restaurant.

This is that gray crane who had his butt towards the camera in one of the upper shots.
There were lots of wonderful birds at the Hyatt, ... both wild and tame.

Several swans swim in the koi ponds.
This pond is located adjacent to the morning breakfast terrace.

Another view with the swan and a variagated Furcrea in the background

Four colorful MaCaw birds entertained the resort guest in the main entrance lobby.
This is the red head bird.

This bird flew in on the ocean breeze and decided he liked the lava rock bridge post as a good ‘hanging out spot’.

We did pry ourselves away from the beach and resort for several outtings.
On one trip we took a tour of the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

This is one of the sculptures in the Allerton Garden. It stands at the head of a very curvaceous rill

The rill

A Hibiscus in the garden

Torch Gingers - they stand about 4.5 feet above the ground

Giant Bromeliads -Alcantarea imperialis - One of my favorites !

Another beautiful bromeliad , orchids and a cycad

Palm berries - oooo la la !

I have no idea what this fruiting plant is. Don’t know if it is edible or not , but isn’t it just exotically seductive ? !

I am not sure of this Bromeliad species , but I think it is a Portea.
I bet Christopher from the blog “ Outside Clyde” would know.

This palm name slips my memory. Could it be something called a Lucula ??


Christopher C. NC said...

Yes the Grand Hyatt on Kauai is lovely this time of year. The closest I could come to the bromeliad is Vriesea paratiensis.

It is for sure a Vriesa.

Now don't let the life at a posh resort fool you into moving there. If you need to continue to produce an income another island might be a better choice at your professional level. Of course with the Super Ferry, which may be up and running and inter-island air travel you could ply the whole state with your craft.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks very... stressful.

Do people grow A. imperialis outside here?

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Thanks for that GREAT link and i.d. of the bromeliad.

There are two A. imperialis (giant bromeliads ) growing outside under a covered entry in Sonoma CA.
They look a little ragged but they are surviving - sunset zone 15 or 16 .

The A. imperialis were thriving in Kauai out of doors and looked spectacular !

I'm in hot pursuit for some A.imperialis and a few other varieties for the upcoming S.F. garden show in March 2008. - I want to incorporate them into the bio wall or glass mosaic sculpture.

Anonymous said...

I have big brazilian bromeliad problems. In addition to A. imperialis, I fantasize about Vriesea hieroglyphica and the red forms of V. fosteriana. Now you're telling me my dreams can be real!?

There is a lady who sells bromeliads on ebay who has A. imperialis... but probably not big enough for your needs. I imagine your sources are better than anything I can think of, but I'd ask a certain Berkeley hortisexual whom I'm sure you know.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Could you be speaking of my garden guru David Feix ?
Definitely Da Man in da know in regards to all things horticultural and hortisexual !

David hooked me up with Marilyn down in S.Cal for some bromeliads and also gave me a resource address in Florida.
He also has some great plants in his own small nursery.

I'll have to check the ebay site , thanks for the tip !

I have a lovely drift of brillant burgandy Neorgelias that I got from Kents Bromeliads a couple of years ago and they are doing great in my Novato back yard ( planted directly in the ground )
Also have some Vrieseas, Quenelias ( huge clump! ) and Aechemeas planted in Novato
I've also lost a few too, like the Vriesea 'giant playnema.
At the last Cal Hort meeting I won a gorrrrrrgeous Hohenbergia correia - araujoi - The color is incredible !! - it is staying in the house for the winter.

Natural Louisville said...

So beautiful ... I'm tempted to storm out of this office and relocate to Hawaii! (Then, shortly thereafter, to bankruptcy court)

Anonymous said...

I was about to say: wait a minute, there's no Hohenbergia in my book, but I checked, and there is, and I WANT one.

Unfortunately, I can't make it to the Calhort meeting on Monday, but you should go if you can: Diana's going to have some AMAZING shit for sale. Check out the S. American section here.

And PS, your guru is the guy I was thinking of. I've never met him, but I know he's the man for bromeliads.

Wicked Gardener said...

OMG – Gorgeousness overload!!

Junglegal said...

I grow alcantarea imperialis rubra, purple and vinicolor all outside here in St. Pete.
I've used Michaels bromeliads, Tropiflora and ebay seller shirleygk with good results.
Michael's quickly becoming the creme de la creme of the brom world. If you go to his site, at first glance his inventory appears very limited. You have to download the huge catalog via PDF.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Thanks for some new resources Junglegal.

BTW, I saw a beautiful Vriesea hieroglyphica just yesterday at Flora Grubb Nursery in San Francisco.
Rather expensive , but it was a beauty.

Susan Harris said...

Thanks for all the great pics. I particularly like the rill.

kristel said...

Nice nature huh... I hope I was in that beautiful place....

Anonymous said...

I live in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and I am relocating to Portland Oregon, I am selling my Bromeliad collection, which includes many giant Imperialis and many other large exotic species. E-mail me at for pics and prices.

Happy Gardening